SSW Update - December 2002
Do you investigate before writing new code? + Special Offer on Selected SSW Software
Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 18th December

Over the years a number of manufacturers have sought to produce a tablet form PC and failed. In this presentation, Iain Walker from Microsoft's OEM Group will highlight some key features of the device that show why Microsoft believes Windows XP Tablet PC edition will successfully reach mainstream adoption, and is thus worth your consideration as developers. Mark O'Shea, Technology Specialist, will also be on hand to handle your more detailed questions about the device and the version of Windows which drives it.

There are 3 other quick presentations planned - 1) Mehmet Ozdemir will demonstrate Aqua Data Studio for SQL Server, 2) Adam Cogan & Peter Huang will give us a look at SQL Notification Service and 3) David Reidy will be looking at developing for Mobile Applications.

Wednesday December 18 (tomorrow) 2002, 5:45 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road.

SSW BIG Tech Breakfast - Building Web Applications with ASP.NET - Friday 31st January

ASP.NET is a revolutionary new version of Microsoft's Active Server Pages. It provides a wealth of new features that make developers more productive and the applications they build faster, more reliable and scalable. There's a lot to learn about ASP.NET and this session is devoted to bringing you the latest and best information. You will walk away with code samples you can plug into your application. More

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The Cutting Edge

You've come across an error you can't fix. Do you:
Start coding?
* Start thinking about how you should write the function before coding?
* Put it off till later?
* How should I know? - I never really analyse these things
* Investigate to see whether someone else has come across the same problem? More

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Database Services Manager and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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Why do I get the error 'Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation' In my stored procedure? - John Liu

Apart from preventing SQL Injection attacks, what else can I do to make my website and database more secure? - John Liu

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