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SSW Update - June 2003
Are you a good SQL Server DBA?
Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 18th June

Tomorrow night's User Group, will focus on some essential third party utilities for the .NET developer. Adam Cogan will demo a free code generation tools OlyMars a SQL Server Centric .NET Code Generator and LLBGen, which can save you time and money by automatically creating code for database access. He'll also be presenting some hot new utilities essential for the Visual Studio.NET power user.

Wednesday 18th of June, 5:45 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road

SSW Tech Breakfast Design and Implement Database Solutions Using Microsoft SQL Server  Friday 27th June
Microsoft SQL Server has set the fastest TCP-C Performance record ever and is setting itself as the preferred database for both developer and industry. In this session you'll learn to: Plan and initiate a logical data model, create solutions for performance, maintainability, and scalability, Implement stored procedures and triggers.

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The Cutting Edge
Frequently when I'm reviewing a clients SQL Server database design, the in-house developers tell me that "it's a bit of a dog's breakfast." 10 different developers have been working on it for a few years and a lot of the basic defaults have not been changed. Here's some of the typical things all SQL Server DBAs should know. More

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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Crikey! Australia represented at Tech Ed 2003
Our very own Adam Cogan was proudly waving the Australian flag in the land of the stars and stripes. As a speaker at the Microsoft developer conference Tech Ed 2003 held in Dallas, Texas. Adam was the only Australian contingent to present at the event. Adam said "Tech Ed rocked! Doing the two sessions was a huge honour and I met some of the coolest people on earth there!". Adam went solo and presented a session for SQL Server DBAs aimed at showing you how to automate some of the "Common DBA Tasks for SQL Server 2000". Being a true SSW trooper he then teamed up with .NET Guru and author of the first .NET book ever published, Billy Hollis, to provide an informative presentation on "Building Advanced Data-Centric Smart Clients". More
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How do I upgrade to the .NET framework 1.1 without disrupting my 1.0 websites?
- Daniel Hyles

I think I have orphaned records in my SQL Server database. How can I check this?
- David Klein
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