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SSW Update December 2003 - Do you manage your clients expectations?

Tech Breakfast

Tech Breakfast
SSW Tech Breakfast Planning and Managing Your Smooth Migration from Access to SQL Server.
When Access mdb's hit their limit of scalability, corrupting too often and unable to handle the number of concurrent users required, it's time to upsize to SQL Server. But upsizing your application involves a lot more than running the Upsizing Wizard... This session will demonstrate what changes to make to your application before running the Upsizing Wizard and what to do after. You will be walked through development tools, application interface changes, query design and stored procedures to bring scalability for more users.
Friday 19th December. 8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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SSW Tech Breakfast
Rapid Development in Visual Studio .NET
In this session Adam will cover the following techniques:
- Untyped Datasets vs Typed Datasets
- Using Typed Datasets and Data Binding
- Using a Global Error Handler
- Learning about the 3 types of settings you will use and implementing a Configuration Class
- Looking at the 4 projects you will need
- Using Code Generators
- N-Tier development
Friday 30th January. 8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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Free Access Website
by Tony D'Ambra You are going to a site outside of SSW
Access Unlimited
by Garry Robinson You are going to a site outside of SSW

The Cutting Edge

G'day Developers!
Software development can be painful and costly. Hang on, that should say "Software development IS painful and costly." Well, not always, but it has been observed that in 1999 "75% of all development projects missed their target release date or never shipped at all." Projects often fail because clients think suppliers under-deliver and over-charge. The client and the supplier have different expectations about the goals of the project. This difference of opinion often leads to a projects absolute failure... More on managing expectations
Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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Sydney .NET User Group - The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

Sydney .NET User Group
Key Performance Indicators.
User group speaker When it comes to your business, there's more to measuring success than profit and loss. There are a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that if used appropriately can be invaluable benchmarks for your business. Ultimately, the value of KPI's is to help you make wise business decisions. Things like total sales, number of unit tests written and billable hours can tell you a lot about your business. In this session Adam will examine how to use OLAP and Microsoft Data Analyzer to obtain and evaluate the KPI's that are relevant to you business.

Figure: Adam in 10 years!

Wednesday 17th December. 5:45 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road North Ryde
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SSW Software Audit

Companies from across the globe have been taking advantage of SSWs software Audit Services. The common message that is received from clients is that getting their software built in-house can sometimes lead to a failure to identify design flaws and architectural insufficiencies. They need an unbiased second opinion from a knowledgeable source that can make recommendations to improve the quality of their software. More on SSW software audits

New Version - SSW Upsizing PRO!

SSW Upsizing PRO

Migrate from Access to SQL Server safely...

If your business is growing and you demand a scalable database solution, upsize from Access Jet to the robust SQL Server environment. SSW Upsizing PRO! prepares your Access database so you can convert effortlessly to SQL Server. Upsizing PRO! will prevent known errors, ensuring a smooth migration. More on SSW Upsizing PRO!


How do I prevent replication data errors? - Dave Klein

How do I move items between folders using CDO? - David Klein


Lumigent Log ExplorerEntegra provides a complete record of data activity and changes to database structure giving you the ability to know who is doing what to your data and databases. Whether your need for auditing database activity is driven by regulatory compliance or ongoing operational requirements, Entegra is the answer. More You are going to a site outside of SSW

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