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SSW Update January 2004 - Do you always use query strings?

Tech Breakfast

Tech breakfast
SSW Tech Breakfast Rapid Development in Visual Studio .NET
In this session Adam will cover the following techniques:

 - Untyped Datasets vs    Typed Datasets
 - Using Typed Datasets and Data Binding
 - Using a Global Error Handler
 - Learning about the 3 types of settings you will use and implementing a Configuration Class
 - Looking at the 4 projects you will need
 - Using Code Generators
 - N-Tier development
Friday 30th January. 8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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SSW Tech Breakfast
XML Web Services in .NET
Web Services provide a rich set of components that communicate using standard Internet protocols and will become key building blocks for the next generation of both Microsoft Windows or Web-based applications. See how to speed your development by plugging Web Services into your own application development projects. In this interactive session led by Dr Neil Roodyn and Adam Cogan, you'll take away a finer understanding of how Web Services can change your future application development.
Friday 27th February. 8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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Free Access Website
by Tony D'Ambra You are going to a site outside of SSW
Access Unlimited
by Garry Robinson You are going to a site outside of SSW

The Cutting Edge

G'day Developers!
When you build a web application, any dynamic page you think a user may wish to bookmark directly should be controlled through query string values rather than form values. In other words, search mechanisms should use the HTTP GET Request and query string values, rather than a POST with Form values. You may hear that query strings are bad and they leave you wide open to SQL injection attacks... more on query strings
Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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Sydney .NET User Group - The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

Sydney .NET User Group
User group

This month Dr. Neil Roodyn will be showing us a preview of MS Build, and will be discussing automating your project build process. While MS Build is still in beta, it is set to be included in the next Visual Studio .NET release. MS Build will automate the build and deployment process into one smooth, streamlined step.

Adam Cogan will be presenting Windows Form tips revolving around wizard interfaces, and making a responsive user interface with threading.

Wednesday 21st January. 5:45 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road North Ryde
See You There! | Sorry I can't make it

SSW Software Audit

Companies from across the globe have been taking advantage of SSW's software Audit Services. The common message that is received from clients is that getting their software built in-house can sometimes lead to a failure to identify design flaws and architectural insufficiencies. They need an unbiased second opinion from a knowledgeable source that can make recommendations to improve the quality of their software. More on SSW software audits

New Version - SSW SQL Auditor

SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS

Keep your SQL Server database free from design flaws with SSW SQL Auditor...

Maintaining consistent quality code across a large team can be a challenge. Even when standards are in place, developers can make mistakes that will slip through Quality Assurance. SQL Auditor is a part of the range of database tools designed by SSW to help to check best practice standards and optimize SQL Server performance. It was developed to assist in performance tuning in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 by performing a SQL Server audit on your database. It allows Developers to check their database design against common SQL Server design rules and report on the elements that do not conform to those rules. More on SSW SQL Auditor


What service packs do I need to install to run SSW Access utilities?
- Sergei Tchernykh
How do I restore the Northwind sample Database to its original state?
- Ross Donald


Lumigent Log ExplorerEntegra provides a complete record of data activity and changes to database structure giving you the ability to know who is doing what to your data and databases. Whether your need for auditing database activity is driven by regulatory compliance or ongoing operational requirements, Entegra is the answer. More You are going to a site outside of SSW

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