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Tech Breakfast

SSW Tech Breakfast
SSW Tech Breakfast
The Top 15 tips for Real World Windows Forms Applications
Get techniques for better searching, data validation, configuration management, error trapping, code standardization, plugging in cool 3rd Party controls and many other routine capabilities of data applications, with minimal code. See the end result: a set of tools and techniques will super charge your next app.
Friday 30th July.
8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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SSW Tech Breakfast
Asynchronous Execution in Windows Forms: Today & Tomorrow - presented by Brian A. Randell
Its 2004 and the days of the blocking UI are over. What do you think you're using, VB3? In this talk, Brian will show you how to execute long-running tasks (database queries, web services calls, etc.) on a secondary thread. More importantly, hell show you how to do it safely and correctly. Hell cover how to do it in .NET 1.1 and show you some enhancements in .NET 2.0.
Monday 9th August.
8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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Why does my .NET Winforms Application take up whopping amounts of memory, even after a GC.Collect? - Dave Klein

How should I approach bug tracking for my applications? - Adam Cogan

The Cutting Edge

G'day Developers!
Along time ago BF Skinner, a psychologist, proved through experiments that an animal rewarded for good behaviour will learn much more rapidly and retain what it learns far more effectively than an animal punished for bad behaviour (Fundamental Techniques in Handling People, Brian Elfstrom). If you criticize your staff:
  • You dont make lasting changes
  • They will resent you, resulting in lower productivity and employee morale
More on Rules to Better Teams
Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia

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Sydney .NET User Group - The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

Sydney .NET User Group 21st July, 2004
SSW .NET User Group Developing a web site...the quick way!
Adam will compare IBuySpy Portal vs DotNetNuke, then he will take a deeper look into the new DotNetNuke 2.0, which now offers a mature portal framework that helps increase everyday organizational efficiency.

DotNetNuke is an open source reference application for everyone from the aspiring webmaster to the experienced ASP.NET developer. Adam discusses:
  • The history of the Project
  • Multiple Database Support
  • Portal Features
  • Portal Architecture
  • Skinning (via a two-tiered presentation model)
  • Module Development
  • Run-time extensibility
  • Wednesday 21st July. 6:00 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road North Ryde
    See You There!! | Sorry I can't make it

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    Companies from across the globe have been taking advantage of SSW's Software Audit Services. The common message that is received from clients is that getting their software built in-house can sometimes lead to a failure to identify design flaws and architectural insufficiencies. They need an unbiased second opinion from a knowledgeable source that can make recommendations to improve the quality of their software. More on SSW software audits

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