SSW Mini Update - Coming events

  Special Offer - Upgrading & Migrating from Access to SQL Server & .NET

1 Day to go!
20th and 21st July 2005
9:00am - 5:00pm - Directions to SSW

The Goal: To convert an Access application to .NET Windows Forms and Reporting Services powered by a SQL Server database.

The entire process of converting from Access to an enterprise level solution will be covered in two days, using a modified version of Northwind as an example.

Special offer - 2 for 1 entry if you call before 7pm today. Limited places remain so be quick
For more information please contact: Scott McPhillips on (02) 9953 3000 or email scottmcphillips@s*w.com.au

  .NET User Group  Additional presentation announced - Microsoft MapPoint Web Services

1 Day to go!
20th July 2005
6:00pm - 9:30 - Directions to Microsoft

In addition to Adam's and Jeff Alexander's talks, Andrew Coates You are going to a site outside of SSW will be discussing Microsoft MapPoint Web Services. The Microsoft MapPoint Web Service is a hosted, programmable Web service that application developers can use to integrate high-quality maps, driving directions, distance calculations, proximity searches, and other location intelligence into applications, business processes, and Web sites. This session will introduce you to the 4 services available and will show you how to integrate the vast amount of geographic data into your application. You will also learn about uploading your own data to the MapPoint server so it can be integrated with the base geographic data sets.

See You There / Sorry I can't make it

  .NET User Group   **Special Additional Event **Application Compatibility with .NET Framework 2.0

15 Days to go!
Wednesday 3 August 2005
5:30pm - 7:30pm - Directions to Microsoft

The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 builds on the success of the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 to provide the best runtime environment for Web and Microsoft Windows client applications. Microsoft's compatibility goal for .NET Framework 1.1 applications is that they should work smoothly on the .NET Framework 2.0 except for a set of documented changes. Please join Kit George You are going to a site outside of SSW and Vinaya Bhushana Gattam Reddy You are going to a site outside of SSW, Program Manager and Developer from the Common Language Runtime team, as they walk through the most frequently encountered of these issues, best strategies for avoidance and their work arounds.

See You There / Sorry I can't make it

  SSW August Tech Breakfast Update   What's new in Reporting Services 2005 and Developing    Custom Report Items

31 Days to go!
Friday 19 August 2005
08:00am till 11:00am - Directions to SSW

Reporting Services makes viewing your data a breeze and SQL Server 2005 brings database reporting to a whole new level. In this session you will learn how to take full advantage of the new Report Designer that is integrated into Visual Studio 2005. We will discuss the core product improvements, reporting improvements, the better integration, and the richer developer experience. You will also discover how to create and implement Custom Report Items - custom data visualization controls that allow you to make powerful reports. Book Now

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