SSW BIG Tech Breakfast
SSW Update - VSLive 2005, Sydney & Reporting Services Training, Brisbane
Tech Breakfast - October

SSW Tech Breakfast

Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Friday 28th October 2005
8:00am - 11:00am
Location: SSW

We will look at the new technology that integrates the whole development cycle from initial design, testing and development as well as bug tracking and project management tools.
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Tech Breakfast - November

Usability - Rules to Better Web Forms
Friday 28th November 2005
8:00am - 11:00am

Are you looking to eradicate bugs and ensure consistency?

Learn how to take control of your code, ensuring large, complex source code can be simplified, cleaned and maintained.

The focus is on the most popular .NET Languages (C#, VB.NET) for both Web Forms and ASP.NET; however, you will learn how to maintain quality code in any language.

As a project or company grows, maintaining code standards throughout your team becomes virtually impossible. Consistent code is crucial to future development and maintenance. Learn how to review your web apps and projects.

The tools we will explore include FX Cop and SSW Code Auditor.
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SSW SQL Auditor - Keep your SQL Server database free from design flaws.
SSW SQL Auditor
Keep your SQL Server database free from design flaws with SSW SQL Auditor

Are you looking for a consistent and optimised SQL Server database?

Maintaining consistent quality code across a large team can be a challenge. Even when standards are in place, developers can make mistakes that will slip through Quality Assurance. More on SSW SQL Auditor...  

Wardy it Solutions comment on SSW SQL Auditor
...Superior Software for Windows have developed SSW SQL Auditor to focus on SQL Server development practices and check that a wide range of performance and coding practices have been correctly adopted.

SQL Auditor provides the ability to identify issues with database design and development standards prior to the performance of SQL Server being reduced as a result of these bad-practices not being identified.

The checks that SQL Auditor performs range from checking that the maximum row size for a table is less then SQL Servers data page size, to checking that all Stored Procedures contain a standard comment block. For the full testimonial click here!
Lumigent Log Explorer You are going to a site outside of SSW
Access Unlimited
by Garry Robinson You are going to a site outside of SSW
Database FAQ's and Links

I am a .NET Developer. What certifications should I be looking towards? - answered by David Klein.
How can I make a centralized contacts list in Exchange that I can use from Outlook? - answered by: David Klein
The Cutting Edge

G'Day Developers!

Do you refactor your code and keep methods short?

Refactoring is all about making code easier to understand and cheaper to modify without changing its behaviour.

As a rule of thumb, no methods should be greater than 50 lines of code. Long-winded methods are the bane of any developer and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, a method of 50 lines or more should be broken down into smaller functions.

NB:  Visual Studio 2005 has refactoring tools built in.

More on Rules to Better Code

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia

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Sydney .NET User Group - The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney
User Group

Sydney .NET User Group 19 October 2005 (6 Days to go)

This month our special guest, Microsoft's David Lean, takes you through his Microsoft TechEd 2005 session, Ad Hoc Reporting with Report Builder: Extending the capabilities of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.

Tatham Oddie will demonstrate working with the new WinFS SDK that has now been released in beta. WinFS helps to bridge the gap between the file systems of today and relational databases.

Wed. 19th October 5:45 pm
See You There!!!| Sorry I can't make it
Reporting Services Training - Brisbane
Creating Reporting Solutions using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services


Tue. 25th & Wed. 26th October 2005 (12 Days to go)

No doubt that by now you have heard of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services - Microsoft's solution to the web reporting problem. Join Microsoft Regional Director and SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan as he takes you through the basics of Reporting services, managing your report content, administering your reports as well as adding custom code..

This 2 day course provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to author, deploy and manage reports using Mircosoft Reporting Services.

This course is ideal for database administrators, database developers, IT Professionals, and partners with a minimum 6 months SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 experience, and basic Microsoft Visual Studio .NET navigation skills.

Contact: Advertise with SSW | 736f7068696562656c6c65407373772e636f6d2e6175

VS LIVE! - Sydney
SSW Code Auditor

28th November - 2nd December 2005 You are going to a site outside of SSW

VSLive! , the premier event for developers working in Visual Studio.NET, returns to Sydney for the first time in three years.

Come learn the latest on essential developer topics You are going to a site outside of SSW such as ASP.NET2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo), NET Framework 2.0, Enterprise Library, and more from the insiders at Microsoft and expert third-party practitioners

Special Offer: Register by 26 October & SAVE $200.00!!! Monday 28th November till Fri. 2nd December 2005 at Hilton Hotel , George Street, Sydney.

Monday 28th November till Friday 2nd December 2005 at Hilton Hotel You are going to a site outside of SSW, George Street, Sydney. (Opposite Queen Victoria Building).You are going to a site outside of SSW
2 Day .NET Training - Australia & New Zealand
2 Day .NET TrainingMicrosoft Access: Migrating to SQL Server & .NET

Melbourne: 6th & 7th December (53 days to go!)
Sydney: 12th & 13th December (59 days to go!)
New Zealand: 15th & 16th December (62 days to go!)
Canberra: 19th & 20th December (66 days to go!)

The Goal: To convert an Access application to .NET Windows Forms and Reporting Services powered by a SQL Server Database.

This event will be hosted by Adam Cogan, Microsoft Regional Director and SSW Chief Architect.

Contact: Advertise with SSW | 736f7068696562656c6c65407373772e636f6d2e6175

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