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By default, Virtual PC will not offer you the chance to undo your changes. When testing applications, you do not want to taint your test environment with DLLs you have previously installed. You should be testing on a clean install of the operating system and core programs (e.g. Office if required, .NET Framework 1.1) - so that your test environment is the same as the standard user environment. To allow your test Virtual PC image to be rolled back to the state before you installed your test software, you should check on the "Enable Undo Disks" option when creating your Virtual PC image. However in some cases, such as keeping undo disks that haven’t been committed to the virtual hard disk can create a large amount of disk-related overhead. Therefore it is recommended that developers store the undo disks on a separate physical disk to the virtual hard disk.

Virtual PC - Undo Disks

See this and other Rules on how to Better Virtual PC's.

To see more rules like this, go to the SSW Rules page.

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Sydney .NET User Group -
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Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 21st May 2008
5:45pm - 9:00pm
Microsoft, Sydney
1 Epping Road, North Ryde

Comparing Silverlight and Flex application development, by Greg Harris

The presenters will develop a simple line of business application in both Flex and Silverlight, the two leading Rich Internet Application (RIA) development environments. These applications will show:

  • Basic page design and layout
  • Data entry and validation process
  • Communications back to the server

From this, the attendee will be able to compare the advantages of these two RIA environments side by side.

Silverlight is Microsoft's new cross-platform browser plug-in. This provides RIA user experiences utilising core dot NET common language runtime functionality within the browser. This means that windows style applications are able to run from within the browser. Silverlight also supports many rich media display options, such as vector graphics, animation and audiovisual playback.

Silverlight is radically changing the RIA landscape. Currently there are 1.5 million Silverlight downloads a day, this technology will be used by NBC for Internet streaming video coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Silverlight competes in the same space as Adobe Flash / Flex.

Presenting the Silverlight component of the presentation will be Greg Harris, an independent consultant/developer specialising in Microsoft tools. His recent focus has been on the new Silverlight tool set. Greg will be sharing knowledge recently acquired at conferences during March.

Presenting the Flex component of the presentation will be Flex experts Peter Davey and Max Nyman. Peter and Max have extensive Flex development experience in Australia and internationally.

See You There!!!| Sorry I can't make it

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