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SQL PASS Community Connect Event - Down Under 2008

1 day to go!

SQL PASS Community Connection Event
Saturday 6th December 2008 to
Sunday 7th December 2008
8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Whitireia Polytechnic, Porirua, Wellington

SQL PASS COMMUNITY CONNECTION EVENT – ‘Down Under in NZ 2008’ is coming REAL SOON! I hope you are ready! This is going to be another fantastic weekend event! Once again proudly run and managed by NZ DNUG Inc Soc with some excellent and unique sessions presented by some of New Zealand’s and Australia’s most talented and influential experts. I’m sure you will find many sessions to enjoy and to be enlightened on.

Topics to enjoy and be enlightened on SQL PASS Community Connection Event are:

Time Saturday 6th December Sunday 7th December
8:00 Registration -
9:00 Keynote (Dr Greg Low and Adam Cogan) Topic: SQL 2008 New Features and IRON DBA Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services: Architecture Overview
Presenter: Adam Cogan
10:00 Management of data warehouse (performance)
Presenter: DR Greg Low
Monitoring SQL Server with DMVs
Presenter: Dr Greg Low
11:00 Preparing a Business Case Upgrade to present to the Boss
Presenter: Darryl Burling
Business Continuity with Backup and Restore
Presenter: Peter Ward
12:00 Lunch (30mins) In house Catering Lunch (1hr)Pizza and Subway provided
Lunch Panel session: Cloud Hosted Data
The knowledgeable panel: Chris Auld, Adam Cogan, Peter Ward, Justin King
12:30 Demystifying Spatial data for SQL Server
Presenter: Pete Smith
15 min Rapid fire Session on Command line tools – Presenter: Dave Dustin
15 min Rapid fire Session on Certified Smart As* – Presenter: James Hippolite
15 min Rapid fire Session on T-SQL...Interactive Coding Standards Presenter: Amanda Jackson
14:00 Top 15 SQL Server DBA Tasks for SQL Server 2005/2008
Presenter: Justin King
LINQ Smackdown
Presenter: Adam Cogan and Justin King
15:00 DTS/SSIS – The pain!
Presenter: Myles Matheson
Security and the enhancements made in 2008
Presenter: Peter Ward
16:00 Troubleshooting from the hip
Presenter: Dave Dustin
A lap around SQL Server Data Services
Presenter: Chris Auld
17:00 T/SQL Enhancements for 2008!
Presenter: Justin King
Farewell and clean up
19:30 SQL Pass Dinner Japanese Thai ($30 per person, there will be a moderate bar tab provided) Farewell and clean up

See more details about Adam.

Adam Cogan and Justin King will be staying in NZ for a couple of extra days to set aside time for anyone who wants to set-up a meeting to discuss any project they are on or want help with.

Also, if you attend Adam's sessions, you may be lucky enough to win a free audit by Adam Cogan himself!


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