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G'day Developers!

I thought I might relfect on how 2012 went at SSW. It really was another great year for SSW with the launch of our new Metro website as well as our new SSW TV site. In 2012, SSW TV went from zero to 30,000 unique visitors – a good start but we still have a long way to go. Our guys and girls at SSW kept performing professionally throughout 2012, building great .Net solutions and business applications.

The SSW project I was most proud of in 2012 was the rewrite of a very large Australian ticketing site, because it was a real challenge and this project had so many new things we hadn’t used in combination before, such as fixed-price with Scrum and it was written with ASP.NET MVC 4 as well as the Telerik Sitefinity CMS. There’s a little bit more work to go before it is released to the public, but it’s looking good.

Our sweetest win of 2012 was with a client who engaged both us and our #1 competitor for a week long trial. They simultaneously gave both companies the same requirements to make sure we could well and truly walk the walk, and in the end SSW came away with the job - so we must have impressed!

So what’s next for SSW, you ask?... (continued)

Adam Cogan, SSW

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3 Day Scrum Training is back!

Intensive Professional Scrum Developer Course


Intensive 3-day Professional Scrum Developer course
Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra

Cost: $2995 +GST Pre Paid

Professional Scrum Developer courses teach students how to work in a team, using modern software engineering practices, to develop an increment of potentially releasable functionality using a specific technology platform. Students learn to do so within the Scrum framework doing iterative incremental development.

Classes are exercise-driven, with students working in self-organizing teams to develop "done" increments from Product Backlog items.

Course at a Glance

This 3-day Professional Scrum Developer .NET course is a mix of lecture, demonstration, group discussion, simulation, and hands-on software development. The bulk of the course will be spent working as a team on a case study application delivering increments of new functionality in mini-sprints. Here is the course at a glance:


Note: Scrum fundamentals are not covered in this 3-day course. If you are not experienced with Scrum fundamentals, the 5 day course is still available.

Scrum either through working on a Scrum Team or through taking part in a Professional Scrum Foundations course.

8 APR 2013
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20 MAY 2013
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03 JUNE 2013
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1 JULY 2013
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12 AUG 2013
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Celebrating Our First 20 Years - Sydney .NET User Group


SSW is proud to be able to say that we have been running the Sydney .NET User Group for over 20 years now. During that time we're had some great and memorable speakers sharing information about a range of.NET topics. SSW have kept evolving and we're excited that our .NET User Group is now recorded and broadcast *Live* by our SSW TV team.

Watch more videos on SSW TV


How We Celebrated 20 Years of the 20th Sydney .NET User Group


Whether you were or weren't able to attend our celebratory 20th anniversary Sydney .NET User Group last month, don't fret because we made sure to document the monumentous occassion and exactly how we decided to celebrate it.

Watch more videos on SSW TV

Enterprise MVC Apps - 2 part course

Build real world applications from the ground up


Now running!

Enterprise MVC Apps Part I: Going beyond the demos
Cost: $330 +GST
Format: 1 day

The Model View Controller design pattern has been a proven and effective way of structuring applications for more than 30 years. In 2007, Microsoft introduced ASP.NET MVC to the world and since then, the framework has evolved into a mature and powerful way of writing dynamic web sites and powerful web applications.

ASP.NET MVC provides a great way of structuring your application, ensuring a clean separation of concerns, easy testability, and ultimate control over markup. It is quickly becoming the go-to framework for writing .Net web applications.

Enterprise MVC Apps Part I: Going beyond the demos

This course will introduce you to the latest version of ASP.NET MVC version 4. Throughout the course, attendees will be guided through building a full ASP.NET MVC application from scratch.

Read more about Enterprise MVC Apps Part I

Perth: Microsoft Facility
FRI 28 FEB 2013
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Adelaide: Microsoft Facility
THU 7 MARCH 2013
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Melbourne: Microsoft Facility
FRI 8 MARCH 2013
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Brisbane: Microsoft Facility
TUE 12 MARCH 2013
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Sydney: SSW Neutral Bay
WED 13 MARCH 2013
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Online: Webinar - Only $80 + GST
WED 13 MARCH 2013
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This sellout course series will be run at 5 capital cities around Australia. Dates for Part 2 will be announced next month.

Sydney .NET User Group

The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

User Group

Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday, 20th February, 2013
6:00pm - 9:00pm
SSW Head Office
Gateway Court, Suite 13
81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay

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PowerShell v3 for Developers - Jason Stangroome

Ever wanted to learn the in's and out's and how to's when it comes to PowerShell version 3? Well at this month's Sydney .NET User Group, now you can! Jason Stangroome will not only be explaining the basics of PowerShell v3, but also how developers can use PowerShell to automate daily tasks, embed scripting into applications, and manage said applications.

About the Presenter

Jason Stangroome has years of experience bridging the gap between development and infrastructure with his feet firmly in both camps of the Microsoft ecosystem. He has a passion for Release Engineering, or more simply, delivering software to production frequently and reliably. Since its inception PowerShell has been an important tool by which he strives to achieve this lofty goal.

To see more details and RSVP, please visit our Facebook .NET Group, our LinkedIn .NET Group or our *NEW* Meetup Group.

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Can't make it to the Sydney .NET User Group?

Watch the Live stream!

Live stream

Tune in from anywhere!

Sydney .NET User Group Live

The team at SSWTV are now streaming our User Group sessions live. Each session will also be published on the SSWTV site after the event so you can review what was said in the sessions.

SSW and Telerik NerdDinner

Where nerds meet and eat


NerdDinner - Where geeks eat
Wednesday, 20th February, 2013
8:10pm - 9:30pm
The Oaks Hotel
118 Military Road, Neutral Bay

SSW and Telerik invite you to join us for pizza at The Oaks. A fantastic opportunity for networking with peers and sharing thoughts after the Sydney .NET User Group presentation.

Sydney .Net User Group and NerdDinner proudly sponsored by:

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Canberra .NET User Group

The best place to learn .NET for free in Canberra

User Group

Canberra .NET User Group
Monday, 18th February, 2013
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Microsoft Canberra Branch
Walter Turnbull Building
Level 2, 44 Sydney Ave
Canberra, Australia

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Introduction to NServiceBus

There are many tools out there on the market which claim to be enterprise service buses. But only NServiceBus incorporates true service oriented architecture and many years of experience in how to design such systems.

Designed for collaboration between business-oriented services, NServiceBus is not a replacement for RPC technologies like WCF.

NServiceBus is a leading open source service bus for .NET. This presentation will provide a brief overview of integration strategies with a focus on messaging and the bus architectural style. Demonstrations will include:

  • Use of the NServicebus libraries and basic concepts
  • The Request/response asynchronous messaging
  • Publish/subscribe messaging
  • Using the bus to coordinating processes across services using Sagas
  • About the Presenter

    John Simons is currently responsible for the day-to-day management of the NServiceBus Framework.

    John brings over 10 years of experience building and running technological solutions that push the envelope in geographically distributed deployment environments.

    Before joining NServiceBus, John consulted on many government contracts.

    To see more details and RSVP, please visit our Facebook .NET Group, our LinkedIn .NET Group or our *NEW* MeetUp Group

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    Canberra .Net User Group proudly sponsored by:

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    SSW Update

    February 2013


    SharePoint 2013 Developer

    Are you looking to establish a career working with the latest software technology for a large range of great organisations? Do you enjoy managing your own clients in a fun, fast-paced and dynamic environment?
    SSW has been the leading Microsoft technology company in Sydney for 21 years. We require an enthusiastic SharePoint developer to start ASAP.

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    Senior Web Designer

    SSW is looking for a highly talented front-end Web Designer who is passionate about creating great standards-based Web 2.0 sites. This role requires the understanding of how people behave in certain contexts and how various stimuli and circumstances can affect individual thought processes in social and professional situations.
    You will be working with both creative designers and the development team in various challenging projects. This role requires someone who is able to communicate effectively with both disciplines together with creating aesthetically pleasing design prototypes, including graphic design, site navigation, and layout of content.

    Read more and Apply NOW...

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