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G'day Developers!

SSW Data Onion – Helping you Simplify your Data Layer

At SSW we build software for a large range of clients, from startups to massive enterprises and even our own internal projects. We care that the software we build is secure, maintainable and testable.

Successful devs use great tools, great frameworks, and follow best practices. Choosing great tools like ReSharper and Octopus Deploy is easy, but many developers struggle with architecture decisions for their .NET projects. I recommend that developers follow the Onion Architecture. One of the most common pain points is the right way to implement Data Access using the Repository and Unit of Work patterns. Implementing these enterprise data access patterns involves lots of complex up-front setup, and once implemented the plumbing code needs to be maintained.

Keep reading to find out how SSW created Data Onion to solve this problem

-Adam Cogan, SSW

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New SSW TV video!

Xamarin.Forms & MVVM | Dev Superpowers Episode 10

In episode 10 of our Dev Superpowers series David Burela will show how you can combine the cross platform native UI capabilities of Xamarin.Forms with the clean structuring of MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel). You will learn the very basics of what MVVM is and be taken through how to implement it into your mobile application.

David starts by building an app with standard event handlers on buttons, then takes it through the evolution of implementing MVVM into the application from scratch, with explanations throughout on the benefits you are getting at each step.

Xamarin.Forms will be demonstrated to show how you can define your UI once, and have your app have a native look and feel on all devices automatically.

Become a Full Stack Web Developer in just 9 weeks with FireBootCamp!

Special Intensive Course


Redmond, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, San Francisco

The FireBootCamp program is an intensive, full-time, 9-week program. Participants learn, work and code together for 10-12 hours per day, 5 days a week. Apart from exercise and food breaks, the guys in the program are hands on learning all day every day.

The program focuses on real world skills including Agile software development practices, enterprise architecture, application life cycle, end-to-end testing and user interface design. The technology stack covers .NET MVC, AngularJS, TypeScript, jQuery, Windows Azure and uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

Scheduled Boot Camps:

Redmond, WA, USA
13th Jul - 11th Sep 2015
Sydney, NSW, Australia
27th Jul - 25th Sep 2015
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Xamarin Mobile Apps Special
19th Oct - 20th Nov 2015

Find out more

Webinar: Dev Superpowers - ASP.NET Identity using vNext

Implement ASP.NET vNext User Membership using OWIN and Dependency injection

Cost: No Charge

29th April
4.00 PM - 5.00 PM DST

30th April
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

30th April
11.00am - 12.00pm AEST

Previous versions of ASP.NET Membership have left a bad taste in many developers mouths, and some are now dangerously out of date. Watch Ben Cull take you through the latest, greatest and safest way to get your membership system up and running using ASP.NET Identity, OWIN and Dependency Injection.

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Xamarin Hack Days around the world

Xamarin Hack Day

Xamarin is a product that allows you to use .NET/C# to create native apps that will run across Android, iOS, and Windows. While there is always a learning curve when using a new product, Xamarin Hack Days make it easy for anyone who wants to learn cross-platform development in a supportive and friendly environment.

There will be something for everyone - experienced Xamarin developers can share ideas with other experienced developers, and if you're a beginner then there's plenty to learn on the day. Best of all, it's totally free.

Upcoming Xamarin Hack Days:

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
30th May 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia
13th Jun 2015
Sydney, NSW, Australia
1st Aug 2015

Sydney .NET User Group

The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

User Group

Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 15th April 2015
6:00pm - 8:00pm
SSW Office
Gateway Court, Suite 13
81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

"Cloud-Based Machine Learning for the Developer" - Peter Myers

Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science concerned with systems that learn from data. In this session, learn how a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning solution comes to life: From the creation of a workspace, to the preparation of data, to experimentation with machine learning algorithms, and then finally to the integration and embedding of predictive insights. This session has been specifically designed to describe machine learning fundamentals, and to help enable and inspire existing developers taking their first steps to leverage cloud-based predictive models delivered with Azure Machine Learning. It is guaranteed to thrill you with potential, and excite you with the relative ease in which it can be accomplished.

About the presenter:

Adam Cogan

Peter Myers has been working with Microsoft database and development products since 1997. Today he specializes in Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) and provides mentoring, technical training and course content authoring for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office. Specifically, he works with SQL Server BI and Office BI, and also Power BI. He has a broad business background supported by a Bachelor's degree in applied economics, and he extends this with current MCSE and MCT certifications. He has been awarded SQL Server Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2007. Peter is an established presenter and enjoys sharing his experience and enthusiasm for Microsoft products by presenting in classrooms and at user group meetings, technical events and major conferences worldwide.

To see more details and RSVP, please visit our Facebook .NET Group, our LinkedIn .NET Group or our Meetup Group.

facebook LinkedIn MeetUp

Can't make it to the Sydney .NET User Group?

Watch the Live stream!

Live stream

Tune in from anywhere!

Sydney .NET User Group Live
15th April 2015

The team at SSW TV are now streaming our User Group sessions live. Each session will also be published on the SSW TV site after the event so you can review what was said in the sessions.

Then join us at the NerdDinner

Where nerds meet and eat


NerdDinner - Where geeks eat
Wednesday 15th April 2015
8:10pm - 9:30pm
Gateway Court Suite 13
81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay

SSW and Octopus Deploy invite you to join us for pizza at SSW. A fantastic opportunity for networking with peers and sharing thoughts after the Sydney .NET User Group presentation.

Sydney .NET User Group and NerdDinner proudly sponsored by:

Octopus Deploy Logo

Canberra .NET User Group

The best place to learn .NET for free in Canberra

User Group Canberra .NET User Group
Microsoft Canberra Branch
Level 4, 6 National Circuit,
Barton, Australia

There will be no Canberra User Group this month.

If you feel like making the road trip, we'd love it if you came on up to Sydney and joined in on the Sydney user group.

Alternatively, you can check out all the action by tuning into the Sydney .NET User Group live stream at 6pm, April 15, 2015.

Want to present at the Canberra .NET user group? We'd love to hear from you. For more infotmation on presenting, or to get in touch, visit the Canberra .NET user group website

Canberra .Net User Group proudly sponsored by:

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Advertise with SSW

If you would like to advertise your product or service with SSW or would like to find out more about various advertising opportunities, please email your enquiry to or call: +61 2 9953 3000.

SSW Update

April 2015


Chief Architect
SSW Beijing

The chief architect will be in charge of the company's daily operations, including implementing sales plans, developing marketing plans, and leading project teams.

  • Must be a strong, fluent communicator in both English and Mandarin
  • A background in software engineering
  • Enjoy working with a team who has strong technical skills in Microsoft technologies
  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Business Management
  • Strong influencing impact - the applicant should be able to engage on an executive level
  • Must be living in or willing to relocate to Beijing, China

Apply Now

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