SSW Update - February 2002
Special NZ Edition - MS Dev Days This Month
MS RD - The Cutting Edge - Is everybody in your Team a Standards Watchdog?

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" goes the saying. Having a strict coding standard is prevention. To create good code you must have good standards, such as commenting standards, naming standards, versioning standards and more...

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SSW Database Services Manager and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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MSDN New Zealand Developer Days 2002

Adam Cogan from SSW will be speaking at MS Dev Days this month which is on at the following locations:

Auckland -- 15th February, Auckland Town Hall
Christchurch -- 18th February, Centra Christchurch
Wellington -- 19th February, WestpacTrust Stadium

Microsoft visual Studio.NETDesperate to learn about .NET? Then don't miss out on this event. Register NOW!

What's it all about?
DevDays 2002 is your best opportunity to get firsthand insights on Microsoft®.NET development using the very latest tools and technologies. The keynote address will feature the launch of Visual Studio®.Net in New Zealand. See how Visual Studio .NET simplifies your ability to create Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web services and .NET applications to integrate a multitude of disparate systems. With its end-to-end distributed application and development lifecycle support, Visual Studio.Net signals the beginning of a new era.
Looking for some advice on .NET Development?
Why not catch Adam or one of the guys while they are in NZ to discuss your next development project and the suitability of .NET or a demo of one of SSW's products? The offer is available only for the next 10 days. Email 696e666f72407373772e636f6d2e6175 to express your interest
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How do I create an installation that automatically generates a SQL Server database? - John Prince

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