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SSW Update - April 2003
Do you use Instant Messenger for business?
Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 16th April

This month Adam will be showing us how to build advanced data-centric WinForm clients with data binding. You'll learn techniques for performing data validation, 'dirty' record recognition logic, and many other routine capabilities of data applications, with minimal code. See the end result: a set of tools and techniques that allow a typical data maintenance program to be created in just a few minutes, and also allow it to be extended and improved for a specific application.

Michael Lang will be giving you a demo of his favourite features in Compuwares DevPartner Studio for .NET. More 

Wednesday April 16 2003, 5:45 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road.

SSW BIG Tech Breakfast Planning and Managing Your Smooth Migration from Access to SQL Server - Friday 2nd May

When Access mdb's hit their limit of scalability, corrupting too often and unable to handle the number of concurrent users required, it's time to upsize to SQL Server. But upsizing your application involves a lot more than running the Upsizing Wizard... This session will demonstrate what changes to make to your application before running the Upsizing Wizard and what to do after. You will be walked through development tools, application interface changes, query design and stored procedures to bring scalability for more users. More

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The Cutting Edge
Instant Messenger made its way into SSW by stealthy means. While I was initially suspicious of its impact on our organisation, Messenger grew on me as I became aware of its usefulness. More

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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SSW Data PRO Deploy new versions of your Access backend simply with SSW Data PRO!

SSW Data PRO! records every change made to your Access backend. When the new frontend is installed at the client site, the backend will automatically be upgraded with the changes you made. Never be out of sync again! SSW Data PRO! is available for Access 97, 2000 2002. More

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SSW Software Audit
A crisis will pinpoint the short falls of your current technologies. But why wait for down-time or poor sales to discover where your application could be improved? More
How do I highlight the Current Record in a continuous form that contains 2
synchronised subforms?
  - Sergei Tchernykh

How do I obtain output parameters from a dynamic SQL statement? - David Klein

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