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Do you use email for tasks only - not communication?

Email is a very powerful business tool. The main problem, however, is that for most people it is out of control - emails build up until they are impossible to manage. To help minimize mailbox clutter, try these tips:
  • Send emails that contain clear tasks, not banter

  • If the email you receive is not clear, call up the person who sent it and ask for more information. Too many people reply to the unclear email asking for clarification, which wastes time and does not guarantee a response.
Using your mailbox as a task list also saves you from having to use inefficient paper-based cards for your extreme programming work!
(That will make Dr. Neil cranky :) )

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Sydney .NET User Group -
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User Group

1 day to go!

Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 20th December 2006
5:45pm - 9:00pm
Microsoft, Sydney

Amazon - Presented by a guest speaker, Andrew Franklin

Amazon have recently unleashed a series of new web services which enable scalable computing, mass storage and an accessible human work force which allow small projects to use facilities previously only available to large companies at a fraction of the cost. Andrew Franklin will give a short presentation looking at some of the services offered by Amazon and will discuss implementation issues with practical examples.

Microsoft Office Access 2007

In this session, Adam Cogan will cover Microsoft Office Access' 2007 new and improved features which can help you:
- Integrate Access 2007 with SharePoint,
- Provide the ability to get you started quickly with prebuilt applications that can   be modified or adapted to changing business needs
-Collect information through forms in email or import data from external applications.
- Track and report information with ease.

To find out more, come along and hear what other functions and benefits Access 2007 has to offer!

See You There!! | Sorry I can't make it

How to implement online credit card processing
(Partly Australian Specific)

When the customer clicks “Purchase” what happens under the covers? Does it:

a) Send an email with the credit card details for manual processing a day later (aka cowboy method), or

b) Call a bank's web service and put the money into your account within 30 seconds (recommended) (aka professional method)

Implementing the online credit card processing into your website requires a lot of investigation was is very time consuming (you will find yourself taking copious notes while on the phone to many different providers).

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Featured Service: SSW eXtreme Emails!

Key Features & Benefits

eXtreme Emails!SSW eXtreme Emails! enables you to use Microsoft Outlook as an intelligent bug
tracking and project management system.
It enables your email to be transformed from an unstructured information source into a data-centric tool, permitting reports and data analysis.

SSW eXtreme Emails allows you to categorize emails as work tasks (or 'incidents'), and assign properties to permit tracking of those tasks.
It is especially useful for companies who use email as a communication tool, as you can use Exchange Public Folders to share information internally or over the Internet. It simply allows you to make sense of your email!

Now works with Outlook 2007.

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Merry Christmas from SSW

Merry Christmas!From all the staff at SSW we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you enjoy a festive season with your families and keep safe. See you in 2006.

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