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G'Day Developers!

You can spend valuable developer time on every part of a project, not just the code files. The bulk of time is normally spent on coding up .cs, .vb, .resx and .aspx files. However, you could potentially have the following happen if you do not include other files in source control:

  • lose work
  • lose old versions of work
  • have work overwritten

In particular, you should make it as easy as possible to see who changed what, who deleted what, and allow a simple rollback to previous versions of non-code files. Files you should put in source control include:

  • XSL files
  • Word documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Visio Diagrams
  • HTML files
  • Image files, Flash animations and psd files (yes this takes room in your source control database - but we still want to be able to revert to an old version easily).

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia 

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*SPECIAL* Sydney .NET User Group -
Software Legend Juval Lowy presents an introduction on Windows Communication Foundation

User Group


Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 14th February 2007
5:45pm - 9:00pm
Microsoft, Sydney

Programming Windows Communication Foundation
– a Developer's Primer

How do you actually build and consume WCF-based services? At its core, the WCF programming model is simple and straightforward, requiring very little work on behalf of the developer.

This session describes the essential WCF programming concepts: clients, services, contracts and end points, and shows how to build, configure and host simple services. After attending this session you will be able to start programming and exploring WCF.

About Juval Lowy

Juval Lowy is a software architect and the principal of IDesign
( Programming, specializing in .NET 3.0 architecture consulting and advanced .NET 3.0 training. Juval is Microsoft’s Regional Director Extreme Programming for the Silicon Valley, working with Microsoft on helping the industry adopt .NET 3.0. His latest book is Programming WCF Services (O'Reilly 2007).

Juval participates in the Microsoft internal design reviews for future versions of .NET and related technologies. Juval published numerous articlesExtreme Programming, regarding almost every aspect of .NET development, and is a frequent presenter at development conferences Extreme Programming.

Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend as one of the world's top .NET experts and industry leaders.

See You There!! | Sorry I can't make it

Sydney .NET User Group -
The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

User Group

7 days to go!

Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 21st February 2007
5:45pm - 9:00pm
Microsoft, Sydney

10 CSS Best Practices

Sick of style saturation? Tristan Kurniawan, SSW Graphic Designer, will show you how to apply these CSS best practices to regain creative control over the layout and design whilst streamlining the process of creating and maintaining your website.

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Adam Cogan will be continuing the session with an introduction to Microsoft CRM which has been designed to provide a complete suite of powerful marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities, all with a familiar and consistent user experience based on Microsoft Office and the Microsoft Office Outlook messaging and collaboration client. 

He will then cover the following benefits of CRM and how they can bring an advantage to you and your company:

  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Customisability
  • Mobility
  • Integration

Andrew Weaver and George Doubinski will then conclude the session with demonstrations and discussion on extending and customising CRM to improve your marketing/sales effectiveness.

See You There!! | Sorry I can't make it

Mix07 Las Vegas, USA


75 days to go!

Mix07 Las Vegas, USAExtreme Programming
30th April - 2nd May 2007
The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

MIX is Microsoft’s conference for Web designers, developers and decision-makers who make their living at the forefront of the consumer Web.

Join the conversation with Microsoft and others on how to harness the latest technologies, unlock new revenue opportunities, reduce development costs and improve customer experience. MIX is for cutting-edge Web professionals designing and building next-generation experiences.

P.S. Adam Cogan will be one of the presenters during the event, so come along and MIX in the right crowd!

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