SSW Mini Update - 3 Great Events in Brisbane
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[ Mini Update ]

New head of SSW Office in Brisbane

Damian Brady has come on board and takes over SSW's Brisbane office. His expertise with working with teams really will help our Queensland clients.

You can see more about Damian, including his latest blog post about SSW, at

Microsoft Brisbane has Moved Location

Microsoft Brisbane has moved to a new location at:

Level 28, 400 George St

SSW Brain Quest -
Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010


3 days to go!

SSW Brain Quest Full Day Event:

9:00am - 6:00pm
Brisbane - 12th May

Team Foundation Server 2010 for Successful Project Management by Adam Cogan

Visual Studio Ultimate (formerly Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) are the cornerstones of development on the Microsoft .NET platform. These are the best tools for a project manager to have successful projects and for the developers to have a focused and smooth software development process.

Come and see Adam Cogan, Microsoft Regional Director, VSTS Champ and Chief Architect from SSW show you:

  • How to successfully gather requirements with User stories
  • The right way to use work items
  • The way to complete a work items and send a 'done'
  • Use templates for your standard work items
  • The extra work items that developers always forget
  • What is good and bad about Excel and Project integration
  • What you can use from the built in reporting as well as the Project portals available on from the SharePoint dashboard
  • The important reports to give your Project Manager

Walk away knowing how to see the project health and progress. Visual Studio Ultimate is designed to help address many of these traditional problems faced by project managers. It does so by providing a set of integrated tools to help teams improve their software development activities and to help project managers better support the software development processes.

During this session we will cover the lifecycle of creating work items and tracking of releases using Visual Studio Ultimate and Team Foundation Server.

Visual Studio 2010 Team System - An Overview

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team System is an integrated software development platform to build the mission-critical applications that businesses depend on. It extends Visual Studio's integrated and productive experience from the developer to the entire development team by delivering powerful new role-based tools for software architects, developers, testers and project managers. In this session you will see an overview of these tools and how they can improve your software development cycle.

Visual Studio 2010 Testing with Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 - the life of a bug

Visual Studio 2010 makes up a large part of a .Net developers life. This session will delve into the 'life of a bug' by taking a walk in the shoes of an everyday bug from discovery to release (and the steps that make up the in between). Come along and check out the new features that will make you happier by making your code better, your job easier, and your team more productive by reducing the obstacles you face in your everyday coding life. Learn:

  • What the new features for testers and developers
  • How you now care - even if the tester can't reproduce the bug
  • How to stop struggling to find the source of the bug in your code
  • How can you streamline the testing process and make sure you don't repeat the same bugs
  • How to automate more and reproduce bugs easier and discover problems sooner.
What's new in SharePoint 2010

In this session Adam Cogan will provide information about what is new in SharePoint 2010 and his personal favorites. The SharePoint Team has invested in many including:

  • UX support for Silverlight and Ajax
  • their Web Content Management System
  • Digital Asset Management System (for videos)
  • Visual Studio 2010 tools for SharePoint 2010
  • Developer Platform
  • Office 2010 integration
  • RESTful Web API
  • Tagging and Rating

Let's see what's good and what's not.

Something About Mary (SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010)

Come see Adam Cogan explain what works well with SharePoint and Office for Mary and the other knowledge workers.

First you will get an overview of what is great about having SharePoint in your business. Then see real world examples of:

  • Using SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 together (Comparing with what with had with 2007)
  • Where it fits with other important Microsoft products like CRM 4 and TFS
  • Examples of how Word and Excel can be integrated into business processes (separate from SharePoint), and then followed by
  • Examples of how Word, Excel, PowerPoint can be combined with SharePoint to improve visibility/searchability/versioning across the company
  • Overview of how data can be synchronised between the two (e.g. using Access and Excel)
  • Overview of what 'workflow' (really!) means
  • How Office can be incorporated into company workflows with SharePoint
  • High level examples of using/integrating Office with other products (e.g. VSTS integration with Outlook)
  • Where VBA and VSTO fit in terms of how solutions can be developed
  • Examples of other interesting Office/SharePoint integrations (e.g. the Atlassian SharePoint Connector and Office Connector)

This is a good chance for you to consider new ways of using Office in your company, along with pitfalls to avoid. Adam gets excited about this session because too often companies limit Office to just an email application, word processor and spreadsheet - completely missing the positive impact it can have on the entire business process.

Price (ex GST)
TFS 2010
12 MAY 2010
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30 MAY 2010
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SharePoint Saturday - Brisbane


12 days to go!

SharePoint Saturday Brisbane
9am-5pm, Saturday 21st May 2011
Ground Floor
62 Astor Terrace
Cost: Free

Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS) is the fully integrated solution to manage projects, giving developers, testers and management a single source of truth for all project needs. Using TFS to develop for SharePoint will make the development and maintenance process much more efficient and effective.

During the session you will see how the 3 roles in a development team will benefit from using Team Foundation Server 2010.

Project Managers and stakeholders will love:

  • The dashboard that gives an overall picture of how the project is progressing
  • The easy customization of the reports using Excel Web Services
  • How Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server integrate seamlessly for SharePoint development

Developers will love:

  • The integrated SharePoint developer experience inside Visual Studio 2010 like the SharePoint Server Explorer and built in templates
  • The extensive details provided by the testers using Test Manager like video recording, environment details and intellitrace to help reproduce bugs
  • The automated build server that can compile, run unit tests and run end to end UI testing

Testers will love:

  • The many ways of automating their manual tests via:
    • Web tests
    • Performance tests
    • Coded UI Tests

Anyone interested in coming to this free event should register here:

Adam Cogan and CRM 2011


4 months to go!

CRM 2011
6pm, 20th September 2011
Microsoft Brisbane
Level 28, 400 George St
Cost: Free

In the September meeting of the Queensland MSDN User Group, Adam Cogan will present CRM 2011

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SSW Update

May 2010


Due to the tremendous growth that our business has experienced over the last few months, we are seeking enthusiastic people to join the SSW team.

We are currently strongly looking for a Marketing and Social Networking Manager.

We are also currently looking for:

  • Marketing and Social Networking Manager
  • ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, OLAP, SharePoint Software Developer
  • Technical BDM in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Canberra
  • IT Senior Marketing Consultant (part-time)
  • Project Manager

Read more and Apply NOW...

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