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Teaching Kids to Code in Sydney November 2015 | View Online
Teaching Kids to Code in Sydney
Teaching Kids to Code in Sydney
This month I went to a private girls school on the North Shore of Sydney called Loreto Kirribilli.
We spoke to the entire year 7 class and the goal was to teach the girls to code. The girls were all about 12 or 13 years old, and although they used computers at school, most had never done any programming before. As a father, I was keen to see if these kids liked programming. This was a Microsoft-sponsored initiative and was led by Andrew Coates. I took along my mate TJ (Terje Sandstrøm) who was visiting me from Norway.
Before going to the school, Andrew, TJ, and I went through the website touchdevelop.com, which was developed by Microsoft Research. TJ and I expressed our doubts about the website to Andrew that the year 7 kids without any programming knowledge, would understand anything from the site, get any value from it, or even enjoy themselves.
Boy, were we wrong!
Keep reading to find out how the kids first time trying programming turned out.
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