SSW Internship

Who should apply?

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University students or graduates

  • Computer Science degree or equivalent
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People with these skills:

What do you get?

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Training in the latest tech

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Certification - SSW Qualified Developer

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Potential job at SSW

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We sometimes offer FireBootCamp scholarships

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Real-world work experience

When does it run?

Starts every Monday.

Next program starts in:

Mon Jun 24 2024

What will you learn?

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Dev Tools

GitHub and more

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EF Core + SQL Server
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Soft Skills

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What do people say?

Hear from some of our past students who are now working in the industry

Avatar of Yalal Cakir

Yalal Cakir

My journey at the SSW FireBootCamp has truly been a game-changer. The mentors were so helpful guiding me through the realms of Angular and .NET. This internship was made enjoyable and enlightening by the connections I made with other interns and business professionals, which I will carry with me throughout my career.
Avatar of Jom Co

Jom Co

Being someone with working experience already from more of a business/functional background, this internship helped me dig into the more nitty-gritty, roll-up-your-sleeves technical world of software engineering.
Avatar of Jeoffrey Fischer

Jeoffrey Fischer

The SSW internship has been a transformative experience for me! As someone without a background in programming, this opportunity not only introduced me to the essential fundamentals of coding but also provided comprehensive insights into both backend and frontend development. It's truly been the highlight of my learning journey.

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