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We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6pm.


Physical attendance (recommended): Microsoft Sydney (Head Office)

1 Epping Road
North Ryde
NSW 2113

5:45pm - 9:00pm

Online attendance

Join us via Live Webcast – click here to join.

Why - 3 Great Reasons to Attend The .NET User Group

  • Learn
  • Build contacts
  • Socialize*
* For information on why we spell this the American way.


Every month, SSW hosts the Sydney .NET User Group where developers meet to exchange ideas and listen to presentations by local and international industry experts. Topics focus on .NET development, SharePoint, Xamarin, Cordova and general ALM strategies . We also love discussing the latest industry news and exciting new trends.

Sydney User Group audience


Free to attend.

What people are saying

Developers are already good at writing code. Writing reams of code just digs you deeper into an already deeply specialized skill. What I am proposing is that we spend less time coding and more time developing skills in other areas that complement our coding skills. Become a better writer. Become a better speaker. Improve your personal skills. Participate in the community. Try to spend some time talking to people instead of the compiler. That's how you distinguish yourself from your peers. And that's ultimately how you become a better software developer, too. Jeff Atwood


We have lots of Microsoft DVD's and other prizes to give away.

Social events

For people who attend in person at our SSW Neutral Bay venue, we all catch up for pizza and a beer after the meeting. We head over to The Oaks (just over the road) for beautiful oven fired pizza and other delicious meals.


This is how we run it:

Stuff we talk about?

  • ASP.NET (and Web Forms if we have to)
  • LINQ
  • jQuery
  • CSS / HTML
  • TFS and Scrum
  • ALM tooling and processes (e.g. Continuous Integration)
  • Azure
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • CRM
  • Xamarin
  • Cordova
  • Hot Sites
  • Hot Blogs

Look forward to seeing you there!

I Would Like to Present

  1. Most speakers present in both cities. The Canberra one is first, then we have the Sydney User Group which is live streamed the recording is posted on tv.ssw.com a couple of days later.

    Every month the User Group is full of highly technical early adopters of technology and our attendees are always open to seeing presentations on the latest technologies. We welcome companies and guest presenters to present new topics and new gadgets. We do encourage you to delve beyond the sales and marketing pitch and show us how it was built, not just why it was built. Here's a quick list of some tips for presenters:

    • Presentation needs to be directed at a highly technical audience (No sales pitch)
    • Introduce new technology
    • Samples and giveaway prizes for attendees are great
    • Prior to the meeting do a rehearsal - make a time with Adam
    • Send a summary of your presentation for inclusion into the SSW Newsletter (one week prior to the User Group)
    • Your session will be recorded – install either "Microsoft Expression Studio Encoder" or "Camtasia Studio" prior to the session Update: Now we just record the output from the projector cable. Much simpler for presenters

    If you think you're up for the challenge and have something new to show us please contact Adam Cogan.

  2. For the scheduled presenters, we will send you an email before the Sydney .NET User Group to remind you of things you need to bring/do.

    Remember, the Sydney presentation is going to be recorded AND streamed live to our website, so our video guys want to make sure you're aware of a few things:

    • Please be at the SSW Sydney Offices at 5:00 so we have enough time to get everything up and running properly. You can find the directions to our office here.
    • Make sure that your laptop has a HDMI, Display Port, or a DVI connection. (Basically anything besides VGA)
    • It would also be helpful to already have VS2012 Productivity Tools installed on your computer which you can find out more about here.
    • For more tips and tricks on better ways to enhance your presentations, read through our Rules to Better Powerpoint Presentations.
    • You will need to create 3 questions based on your presentation, to go with the video once it goes live. Please have these ready when you arrive to present

Who Organizes It?

The User Group is organized by Adam Cogan, who can be contacted at SSW on +61 2 9953 3000, by mobile on 04 1985 1995 - or by email at his profile.

The History of The Sydney .NET User Group

Plenty of interaction at our Sydney User Group
Plenty of interaction at our Sydney User Group

SSW has now run user groups for over 16 years. From its humble beginnings as the Access User Group to the largely popular Sydney .NET User Group, SSW has seen its membership and attendance levels increase. Aside from being a great chance to network with IT professionals at the cutting edge of their industry, it's a great chance to learn something new in a relaxed, fun environment. SSW has also been known to invite international guest speakers to present at the User Groups. Gurus such as:

Here's a quick history of the SSW User Groups.

  • 1992 Debuts of the "Access User Group, Sydney"
  • 1995 Renamed to the "Access/VB User Group, Sydney"
  • 1996 Renamed to the "Access/VB/ASP User Group, Sydney"
  • 1997 Renamed to the "Access/VB/ASP/SQL Server User Group, Sydney"
  • 2001 Renamed to the ".NET User Group, Sydney"

Take a look at Recent User Group Sessions.

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