The SSW Product range includes software to assist Microsoft developers and tools to increase the functionality of Microsoft products in a business environment.

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SSW Access Reporter

Access Reporter

Leverage your investment in Access reports. Delivering important Reports on the web can be expensive and time consuming, especially when you’re faced with the task of converting existing reports. Designed to keep Access open and available, SSW Access Reporter lets you deliver your existing, great-looking Microsoft Access reports online now! More on SSW Access Reporter

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SSW Web Pager

The Web in Your Inbox

Utility to email webpages. SSW Web Pager is a utility that sends any web page to your inbox. This utility has many applications - from emailing you the latest news daily to emailing daily and monthly HTML reports to your administrator. More on SSW Web Pager

SSWWebPager_ver1-38.exe (6.22 MB)Download

SSW DataOnion

Data implementaton can be a very tedious task. Let our generators do all the boring tasks for you, while you focus on your business logic.

SSW Link Auditor

Automate Your Link Validation with SSW Link Auditor

This fast, simple, powerful and effective utility keeps your website up to date, and helps to resolve intricate linking and referencing issues. More on SSW Link Auditor

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