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SSW Mini Update: Security Devolution with Troy Hunt July 2018 | View Online
Security Devolution with Troy Hunt
Security Devolution with Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is one of the top cybersecurity experts in the world right now, and he is everywhere. Not only is he a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security, he's also a Microsoft Regional Director, he's got a bunch of courses on Pluralsight, and he's testified to the US congress about the impact of data breaches. Troy's website haveibeenpwned.com helps people (and governments!) world-wide check if their data's been leaked. He even has his own Wikipedia page.

Troy was an SSW client for many years, and even did his first public presentation here.

For one night only, Troy will be presenting at the SSW-run Sydney .NET User Group.

Join us on the evening of Wednesday, July 25 to see Troy Hunt in person as he gives his latest presentation.

The session: Security devolution with Troy Hunt

Web security has come a long way in recent years and these days, there's a whole bunch of browser security features that can not only make your site more secure than ever, but make your job as a developer even easier. But the features remain largely unused with many developers not knowing of their existence nor how to properly leverage them.

In this talk you'll see the mechanics of a whole bunch of acronyms you've probably never heard of before, but will witness firsthand as they're put into action. You'll see the attacks they prevent, how to implement them and ultimately, how they help better protect the apps you're building.

SSW Sydney
Gateway Court Suite 15
81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay
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If you're unable to attend the session in person, we'll be live streaming the event from our venue in Sydney at 6:30pm AEST, on Wednesday, July 25.

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