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The SSW Product range includes software to assist Microsoft developers and tools to increase the functionality of Microsoft products in a business environment.

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Deploy new versions of your Access backend simply with SSW Data PRO!

SSW Data PRO! records every change made to your Access backend. When the new frontend is installed at the client site, the backend will automatically be upgraded with the changes you made. Never be out of sync again!

Note: SSW Data PRO! is available for Access 97, 2000 2002. The Access 2000 version also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Data PRO!

SSW Data Renovator

Compare and update Access database backends with SSW Data Renovator

If you’ve got client backend mdb files that are out of sync with the master version, let SSW Data Renovator generate difference reports for you to make the changes manually. Or step through the wizard and the data will be automatically moved into the new structure. Once in sync, use SSW Data PRO! to keep them that way.

Note: SSW Data Renovator is available for Access 97 and 2000. The Access 2000 version also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Data Renovator

Test Product


The dream tool for any professional business.

Flexible and powerful, it’s push button approach to organising everything from invoicing and maintaining receipts, through to routine administrative tasks, will leave you plenty of time to grow your business!

Time PRO! is ideal for the professional business relying on effective time management. The program has been designed to efficiently provide information related to clients, correspondence, invoicing and the receipt of payments. Time PRO! also administers internal affairs such as employee details and their individual productivity rates.

With Time PRO! you can:

  • maintain detailed lists of clients and their contacts
  • record everyday operations using the comprehensive Diary facility
  • print out standardised business reports with 2 clicks
  • view all invoices a client has had, since joining you
  • record receipt of payments and view outstanding amounts owed by each client
  • keep current employee records such as personal details and productivity rates
  • plus much more
  • More on SSW Time PRO!

SSW Tennis PRO!

The dream tool for the professional tennis association.

Flexible and powerful, it's push button approach to organising everything from competitions and tournaments, through to routine administrative tasks, will leave you plenty of time to master that backhand winner!

Now your club or association can administer their members more efficiently, organise competitions and tournaments quickly, rate players more fairly and accurately and become a part of the changing face of world tennis. The program is user friendly and has been designed for administrators with a keen interest in their players. Tennis PRO! will give your players maximum value as members of your Association or Club, while also saving administration costs for the organisation. Tennis PRO! has been used and endorsed by Tennis Australia for the past five years and is installed in all the State and Territory Association offices. Many smaller Tennis Associations also could not do without the package and there are three different versions of Tennis PRO! More on SSW Tennis PRO!

zzSSW Tennis PRO! Upgrade

These are upgrade packages for owners of corresponding Tennis PRO! products.

Time & Materials

SSW Consulting Services

From IT Infrastructure setup and developer utilities to custom-designed software applications, SSW solutions utilize the latest Microsoft technologies, including the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Access, SQL Server, XML, Exchange Server and SharePoint Portal Server.

SSW’s development methodology ensures you get value for money at every stage of the Development Life Cycle, underpinning SSW’s belief that software solutions must deliver business advantages from the very first step. More on SSW Consulting Services


Our rates are based on the level of experience of the developer, and range from $125 to $305 per hour. You will be allocated an appropriate resource for your project after coming in for a meeting with one of our project managers. More on SSW Terms & Conditions

zzWeb Pages - Fixed Quote Components

We can develop Static and Dynamic Web Pages at a fixed price. We guarantee that we are on time, every time or you get 20% off the agreed price. We also believe that you should link your website to a database, with updates occurring as you change information internally, giving you a maintenance-free website.

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