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The SSW Product range includes software to assist Microsoft developers and tools to increase the functionality of Microsoft products in a business environment.

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DevCon 2000 - Sydney/Perth

SGW has assembled DevCon 2000 to allow you to tailor your attendance to your level of expertise and time constraints. You can benefit from all four days or chose to attend one day only. 

Please select from one of the following packages:

VSLive! 2001 - Sydney

VS Live 2001 Sydney

Adam Cogan's Power Point slides prepared for VS Live! March 2001contains pointpower files for the following presentations:

  • Build on Your Knowledge of MS Access
  • A to Z On Writing Better Functional Specs
  • Migrating To SQL Server (Upsizing)
  • 3rd Party Tools and Utilities

VSLive! 2001 - Chicago

VS Live 2001 Chicago

Adam Cogan's Power Point slides prepared for VS Live! March 2001
contains pointpower files for the following presentations:

  • Advanced ADO
  • 18 Rules to Writing Better Code

ODDC 2001

ODDC Sydney 2001

Adam Cogan's Power Point slides prepared for ODDC Conference June 2001 contains powerpoint files for the following presentations.

Learn how to use the XML functionality of Access version 2002, including importing, exporting and saving objects as XML. We will also explore the XML features in SQL Server and implementing SOAP.

  • Leveraging the XML Features in Access
  • Access 2002 – What’s New

Internet World 2001Sydney

Internet World Australia 2001

Adam Cogan's Code Samples prepared for Internet World Australia! July 2001
contains sample files for the following presentations:

  • XML and E-business

Excel Pivot Table Sample

Mehmet Ozdemir's Sydney .NET User Group presentation on Excel Pivot Tables

Remember Mehmet Ozdemir's User Group talk about real-life business use of Excel Pivot Tables and why you should choose them over other products like Access Reports, Cognos, Crystal, Forest and Trees etc? Here you can download the sample Excel pivot table which runs on Northwind. This has sexy formatting, deployment and other interesting features.


Microsoft DevDays 2001

Microsoft Dev Days 2001

Adam Cogan's Power Point slides prepared for Microsoft Dev Days.

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