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February 20, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

Superior Software for Windows

It gives me pleasure to provide the following testimonial regarding SSW and in particular Adam Cogan with whom I had the majority of my dealings.

Academy Tiles is a leading ceramic tile business, importing ceramics, marble and glass. We wholesale and also provide a unique architectural library of over 5000 samples for use by professional people. Our showroom and warehouse are located separately.

About 1995 we determined that our Dos based computer system was antiquated and would not allow us to survive and prosper. Our information needs were very comprehensive and growing. And so the search began. Academy Tiles commenced an Access database development with another developer. After some considerable work was done, I became dissatisfied with the work and approached Microsoft for a recommended Access developer to assist me in completing the exercise.

And so we were introduced to Adam Cogan and SSW. At this point we had a client and job database. We still required invoicing, purchasing, inventory and shipping.

I did not enjoy the first day's experience. Adam pulled no punches and was critical of the quality of the database structure and work to date. And he proposed to pull it apart and rebuild. I wasn't initially sold on the idea but after several days I could see a picture emerging of : structure, preciseness, integrity and efficiency. It was the system we had to have, regardless of initial cost and we have not looked back. Quite frankly without Adam's involvement we would have a clumsy inefficient system which was not easily modifiable I spent many days working with him developing our system and learning how to use Access. As a "partially" technical accountant I learnt sufficiently enough to be able to readily modify and evolve our system. I have also dealt with others at SSW like Ibrahim Qutish and Ross Donald and they continue to support me with any code which is beyond me. In addition the free generic updates from SSW are a real bonus. The generic functions have extended my capabilities and minimised the amount of code required.

As an accountant I am very pleased to have the flexibility of periods that don't roll over. It allows us to adjust any incorrect invoices and re-issue with the need to create credit notes. This keeps the paperwork down to a minimum, reducing the confusion of an long paper trail. Queries are regularly rerun, accumulating monthly sales statistics etc. These also reflect any prior period adjustments.

We stock take as many times as we wish, currently six monthly and roll stock into an opening balance. Because of this one precaution we build into prior "period" transaction alterations is to prevent these changes if they are dated prior to the last stock take. The system is very flexible and can be run to suit any particular set of requirements.

It is also very user friendly and all our staff including management input their own work.

Our business could never have achieved the level of volume and success it has without our Access database.

And our Access database would not be what is without the involvement of Adam and his friendly professional and innovative team.

Without qualification I can state that their design work, desire to share and willingness to educate have made a substantial contribution to our business.

Joe Zeaiter