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Tour De Wagga - Bike Trip to Wagga Wagga

SQL Code Camp October 5 Day Detox .NET/SharePoint/SQL Bike Trip

Tour De Wagga

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Tour de Wagga is an annual bike ride from Sydney to Wagga and takes place during the five days before the SDU SQL Code Camp. Participants, in addition to training the body, train the mind in the latest Microsoft technologies in an entertaining way with a group of like-minded geeks.

  • Get healthy ?Detox with no junk
  • Get fit - lots of exercise
  • Get smart - lots of learning


  • Tour De Wagga - October 5th?th 2009
  • SQL Code Camp - October 10th-11th 2009
  • .NET Code Camp - April 2010


Figure: Can you ride from Sydney to Wagga Wagga?

See Daily Breakdown


  • Attend a preparation half day ?“fail to plan, plan to fail?/li>
  • A good quality bike
  • Basic fitness
  • iPod


$500 + GST

*Accommodation extra


  • Safety vehicle travelling behind
  • Pit crew to help with breakdowns
  • We carry your gear (computer, luggage)
  • Training as you ride - Range of podcasts provided to listen too
  • Tests to check you were listening
  • Discounted/organised accommodation
  • Nightly presentations on range of topics (see below)
  • Fun
  • Great company / networking
  • Sense of achievement
  • Certificate
  • Plus a great weekend at the SQL Code Camp learning about SQL Server


Register now for the Tour de Wagga*

*NOTE: Registration for the Tour de Wagga does NOT cover registration fees for the SDU Code Camp

What's covered

  • .NET 3.51 + 4.0
  • SharePoint 2007 + 2010
  • CRM 4
  • VSTS and TFS 2008 + 2010

Register for the SDU Code Camp leave site separately.


Time Activity
08:00AM - 09:00AM Breakfast
09:00AM ?10:30AM Riding
10:30AM ?11:00AM Test and Food*
11:00AM ?12:30PM Riding
12:30PM ?01:30PM Lunch*
01:30PM ?03:00PM Riding
03:00PM ?05:00PM Relax*
05:00PM ?06:00PM Daily Presentation
06:00PM ?07:30PM Dinner*
07:30PM ?close Free time / Networking

*If you're ahead of schedule you’ll have time to return calls

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