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For up to date product and pricing information, SSW has developed an innovative web service based solution.

With currency rates changing many times a day, and the need to provide our clients with up to the moment information; SSW has harnessed the power of Microsoft Office and Web Services to deliver a dynamic new product and pricing solution.


We use Office Webservices Our product and pricing solution is integrated into Microsoft Excel using Office Webservices.

Our Excel spreadsheet combines the output of two web services to present the latest product and pricing information.

The first web service is hosted by us and provides an up-to-date price list of SSW's products in a combination of Australian and US dollar prices.

The second web service is a currency rate conversion site hosted in the United States. It provides conversions between 151 of the world's currencies.

Download a copy of our Excel product and price list Downlaod our product and price list

The SSW Product and Price List web service is available at http://webservice.ssw.com.au/SSWProductListWebService/public.asmx
The currency web service is available at http://www.webservicex.net/CurrencyConvertor.asmx

Technical notes

This price list uses the Microsoft SOAP 3.0 Toolkit to provide web service connectivity.
To use the Excel Price and Product List, you will need to have the toolkit installed. It can be obtained from Microsoft at:

Also, you need to change the security settings of your Excel in order to use the SOAP ToolKit.

Figure: Select the Macro security settings

Figure: Change the 'Security Level' to Low in order to use the SOAP ToolKit

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel 2002 (Office XP)
Microsoft Soap 3.0 Toolkit (see above)