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Process Improvement 101 for Software Teams

What all software teams should know about Process Improvement

SSW Process Improvement 101 for Software Teams

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We all know, deep down, that our processes, workflows and tools within our software or IT organization are not optimal and that with some careful consideration, efficiency could be greatly improved.

By having a process for improving process and measuring the cost and associated benefits, everyone can see what is worth doing and know when to stop as process improvement can become non-cost effective if taken too far.

Become aware of the opportunities and harness a process to decide what to do.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will provide the attendee with:

  • Understand the benefits possible when software processes are improved
  • Learn the 7 signs of wastage and inefficiency and how to remedy each one
  • Learn a systematic measurable process for improving process
  • Understand the costs, timelines, staff involvement and commitment a business will incur when improving processes
  • Understand some of the best tools on the market that could realise the benefits to your organisation

This workshop is presented in layman terms staff in all departments understands.

Workshop Outline

  1. Why your business needs to consider improving your software processes?
  2. The 7 signs of wastage
  3. The process for improving process
  4. Group Exercise
  5. Demonstration of SSW's workflow for the development team using Team Foundation Server
  6. Case studies
  7. Some leading industry tools

Case studies are used throughout for real world examples.

Who should attend?

Team leaders of software teams, CIO's, development managers and senior developers seeking ways to improve.

Workshop Details

Date: Friday 26th March 2010
Time: 8:00am - 11:00am
Address: Suite 10, 81-91 Military Road Neutral bay 2089 NSW
Food: Breakfast is provided
Cost: No Charge
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