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  1. I have just started my job at SSW and I'm already liking these guys. I live with a family of six and have and Egyptian background. I was born here so I would rather consider myself Aussie! My hobbies include soccer...

  2. Past Experience

  3. Ive completed uni the end of last year and have been working with a few small business clients doing simple websites using ASP and Jscript. Ive been exposed to .Net at the start of the year creating a simple win form for a client, as well as creating a site in asp.net the past 2 months.

  4. Education

  5. I graduated from UWS doing a course in Computer Science (Software Engineering) and majored in Software Development.

  6. Future Aspirations

  7. In the future i look forward to becomming quite fluent in all aspects of .Net and learn all that i can in the growing IT industry.

  8. Finally if you are not sure then see www.w3.org

  9. Acknowledgements

    Adel Helal