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JOE TANG - About Me

Hi there, here's something about me....

I am the Marketing Manager for SSW, and am always looking forward to implement marketing strategies for the company. I will be concentrating on the product side of SSW.  My experiences are mainly in the IT industry & Telecommunications industry. I've had quite a varied marketing career, mainly in communications, product management as well as strategic marketing analyst.

Instead for boring you further with the usual stuff, let me tell you more about Joe as a person....

My personality is that I like to be doing things, (work or pleasure) if I am not doing something then I get bored & fall asleep (arrrghh!!! I have no control.....) I have something against standing in cues, traffic lights, or just anything that requires me to wait. I come across as moody and reserved, but I can really open and make a total & utter fool of myself with the right atmosphere..... (probably why I stay quiet most of the time.)

My interest are:

I am into boating, fishing.... I am a certified diver and love anything to do with the sea.

I love to paint and draw imaginative stuff...... probably comes from my great love of books.

At the risk of sounding like a certified nerd, I like to play chess & strategic style games, though if you play chess with me you'd most likely win. I quite hopeless at it, but hey, its true love!

I also enjoy a sport call Brazillian Juijitsu, but finding a dojo in a convenient area is a little difficult.... they are sooooo rare!!!

I am a dog person as oppose to cats - but no; I don't have a dog, I have fish instead (go figure.)

Above all, I like to learn new skills and experience new sensations. I am always in a habit of trying out new stuff.