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John Liu

  1. Senior Software Architect at SSW

  2. Professional

    John has been writing software for the past 8 years, and loves what he's doing in this exciting field. Nowhere else do you get to tackle such diverse and exciting problems and have a chance to deliver clever design solutions. He thinks unit testing and software patterns are the best thing to happen to software development since the ++ operator. Having worked from traditional water-flow to agile methodologies, John prefers a test-driven, agile-based methodology. He believes in being honest to the business about realistic deliverables rather than asking for more time or money at the last minute, as that tends to gets everyone involved upset and give him high stress. He also believes that an agile methodology gives the business far more opportunity to direct the development of the software and give quick, necessary feedback. John likes to lead by example and is not afraid of hard work.
  3. Education

    BCST at University of Sydney
  4. Personal:

    • Recently became a father with a little boy, who will soon start reading .NET books and will write his first program before he grows teeth.