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Masha Gildina

  1. Objective

    By working at SSW, my goal is to provide outstanding personal assistance, especially in the areas of marketing and HR. I will be also working towards getting to know everyone better and become a team player so we can all work together at achiving the company goals and success. My objective is to apply the skills and knowledge that I have gained over the years from university, (majoring in Marketing and Human Resource Management)and from the Food Retail industry, (where I worked as a Marketing/HR Operations Manager at 4 different stores) hence, help me do my work at SSW better.

  2. Personal Traits

    I am a friendly and an easy going person to work and communicate with.
    I have a positive attitude towards learning new materials as I believe that you can never know too much. Communicating well with customers has always been my trait, as i believe they are the liveblood of any business.

  3. Hobbies

    My hobby since childhood has always been drawing and painting. My favourite artists are Dahli and Van Gogh, and am therefore inspired by surrealism as it makes you think outside the square. Travelling and shopping has always been my enjoyment, especially overseas like Europe and Asia. Sporting activities like tennis and beach volleyball are also great in summer which I never miss.

Masha may be contacted at MashaGildina

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