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  1. Status

    I have just started my work experience at SSW.

  2. Past Experience

  3. 2006 – 2008 Pharmacy 4 Less Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia

    IT technician: responsible for installing and maintaining the server and client computers for the Pharmacy 4 Less franchise chain. This included:

    o Installing a head office server with a centralized database.

    o Installing and configuring a national virtual private network (VPN) system which links all satellite sites / franchisee stores

    o Maintaining the integrity of the VPN and ensuring data transmissions are in good order.

    o Ensuring database integrity for accuracy of national pricing, promotions and buying for the Pharmacy 4 Less group.

    Dispensary Assistant:

    o Dispensing of medications (to understand the software associated with medication dispensing in franchisee stores)

    o Point of Sale operations (to understand the software associated with point of sale in franchisee stores)

  4. Education

  5. 2006 – 2008 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Sydney, Australia Master of Engineering Studies (Software Engineering).

    2001 – 2005 Philadelphia University Amman, Jordan B.I.T in Software Engineering Recommendations from the Faculty regarding my graduation project for demonstrating a high degree in designing a software process wizard.

  6. Future Aspirations

  7. In the future i look forward to becomming quite fluent in all aspects of .Net and learn all that i can in the growing IT industry.

  8. Acknowledgements

    Michael Salameh