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Olivia Ngan

  1. Objective

    I graduated from UNSW major in Human Resources Management in 2004 and worked in Newtech, a Telstra dealer, as Personal Assistant for 2 years. I went travelling in Hong Kong, China and Thailand last few months. Now, I come back and look for new challenges. I believe I will learn by working in a total different industry, IT industry. Also to improve my communication and management skills.

  2. Personal Traits

    Positive and friendly
    Proactive and always treat challenges as opportunities for excellence
    Natural born organiser
    Excellent client facing and communication skills
    Active and contributing team player with leader capabilities

  3. Hobbies

    I love spending time with friends, and making new ones.
    Watching Movies and TV programs, especially addicted to the TV Series from Hong Kong.

Olivia may be contacted at OliviaNgan

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