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Peter Gfader

  1. Role at SSW

    SSA at SSW :-)

    Senior Software Architect at Superior Software for Windows
    Employeed at SSW on 27/10/2008

  2. Education

    I completed my degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna Austria (Europe) in 2004 and have more recently completed some Microsoft certifications.

  3. Former employment

    During my studies I have worked part time as a software developer for Atos Origin Austria, where I have mainly drawn up and managed Oracle databases.
    In addition I programmed the ASP (VB script) pages for the respective databases and created prototype web pages in HTML and JavaScript.

    Back in South Tirol, Italy (Europe) I started to work as full time Software Developer at Informatica Alto Adige as a Winforms Developer with Oracle databases.

  4. Personal

    I like mountain biking, climbing, jogging, surfing (also the Internet) and music

    I play trumpet in a Brass Band in Italy, when I'm there :-)

  5. Future?

    Peter enjoys programming and wants to learn new technologies, meet new people, learn English, getting things done and have a lot of fun.