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Scott McPhillips

"A Brief Overview"

As the Marketing Manager for SSW I continually look for new and exciting marketing strategies to implement for the benefit of the company and our clients. My extensive sales and marketing experience will ensure our clients, existing and new, are completely satisfied to ensure the company retains business relationships and continue to generate new ones.

My personality has always been, and continues to be, outgoing, fun and sometimes outrageous (sometimes comical). However, whilst I am always wanting to have fun in every facet of my life, I have always maintained that one should never put something off till tomorrow if it can be done today, work or otherwise. My personal motto is "To be the best at what I do and do it to the best of my ability". In short be OUTSTANDING!!

My interests/hobbies are:

Acting, Music (can't beat U2!), Rugby Union, Travel, Cooking, Reading and Writing Poetry, Motor Bikes, Movies, Going Out With Family or Friends, Basically Love Everything! - Carpe Diem!!.

Above all, I believe there are important relationships we forge throughout our lives. These relationships not only assist us and teach us but they also tell a great deal about the person we are, who we want to be and where we want to go.