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Stephen Bennett - About Me

Hi, I'm 26, live in Manly with some friends of mine.  I'm starting with SSW as Adam Cogan's Personal Assistant and the Administration Manager for the company.  To give you a bit of insight as to who I am, I have been working in a few different roles since finishing Year 12 in 1996.  During my colourful 9 years in the work force, I've worked in varied companies such as Credit Unions, Banks, Recruitment Agencies, IT companies, Donut Shops (don't ask), Abattoirs (again don't ask), Music Shops, Stunt Agencies, TV & Film Productions and Stock Market Education.  Primarily, I've worked in Customer Service roles, however in the past few years I've worked in a Personal and Executive Assistant capacity.

I really in enjoy spending time with friends and making new ones.  I'm currently, just about to complete a short film course and in my spare time enjoy going to see Concerts, Plays and Short Film Festivals.  I enjoy being social and one day I hope to be an Assistant Director on a TV Series, or be a TV Host for my own show.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.


My favourite quote is "don't be afraid to REINVENT YOURSELF".