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SSW CRM 4 Up and Running

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CRM 4 is old! Update to CRM 2011.
Please see SSW CRM 2011 up and running

This standard is provided to give you information related to your CRM account and settings.

  1. How to Install Outlook CRM 4 Add-in

    Below is an instruction on how to to install Outlook CRM Add-in:

    1. Copy Outlook CRM setup files from folder \\fileserver\setupfiles\SetupMS\SetupProgram\MSCRM4\Outlook Client to your local machine
    2. Run setupclient.exe from this folder to install CRM for Outlook add-on
    3. Outlook CRM Component
      Figure: At "Select Components to Install" screen, select the recommended option
      Outlook CRM System Requirements
      Figure: sure you get all green ticks. Follow the on-screen instruction to finish your installation.
      Outlook CRM Path
      Figure: After the installation is completed successfully, click on Start | All Programs | Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 | Configuration Wizard.
      Connect to CRM
      Figure: Select "My company" at the "Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM" screen.
      Connect to CRM
      Figure: Configure CRM Server address. Finish the rest of configuration.
    4. After finish installation and configuration you will need to enable “Auto Update? So that Every time you open your outlook, there will be a popup if there is a new update available.
    5. Run RegEdit
      Figure: Run regedit from your “Start?menu
      CRM Registry
      Figure: On 32bit machine - Browse to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRMClient
      X64 - CRM Registry
      Figure: On 64bit machine - Browse to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\MSCRMClient
      Add new CRM string Value
      Figure: Add a new string value to this key
      Specify name of string value
      Figure: Enter the name of new string value as “AutoUpdateDownloadUrl?/dd>
      Specify value of string value
      Figure: Right click to Modify the string value “http://aphrodite/crmoutlookpatches/?/dd>
    6. Restart your outlook if you are having it running.
    7. Update popup
      Figure: you start up your outlook, you can see popup tell you if there is an available update.
      Files in use while updating
      Figure: While running update installation, you may get a popup saying “Files are in use? please click “Ignore?to proceed with the installation.
      Files in use while updating
      Figure: After finishing updating, Outlook CRM updater may ask you to reboot your machine. This is because it needs to update the files which were in use during the installation.

    Note: For CRM Developer and System Administrator, CRM Customization is not available if you have your Outlook CRM running.

  2. How to configure your Outlook CRM personal options

    Outlook CRM Options
    Figure: From Outlook Home Tab, go to CRM | More | Options.
    CRM Synchronization Options
    Figure: On “Synchronization?tab, ensure you have the above checkboxes checked.
    CRM Email Options
    Figure: On “Email?tab, ensure you have the above options.

  3. How to record a sales opportunity

    Create New Opportunity
    Figure: Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Sales | Opportunities | New.
    Naming Opportunity
    Figure: This allows better understanding of opprotunity when look at opportunity list.
    Set Potental Customer for Opportunity
    Figure: Setting potential customer of an opportunity to a company instead of contact will avoid problem when the contact moves to another company.
    Set Revenue for Opportunity
    Figure: Recording revenue in the right field allows us to give a better report on our sales pipeline.
    Set Sales Stage for Opportunity
    Figure: This allows us reporting on our oppotunities base on sales stage and work out what to do next.

    After creating opportunities you will need:

    • Keep Sales Stage up to date.
    • Close Opportunity whenever we win or lose the opportunity. Closing opportunity is important because if the opportunity is won, it will create a Project record in CRM. This allows Project Manager to record montly projected income.

  4. How to Track Contact, Email, Task, etc.. from Outlook in CRM

    To track a contact, email, task, etc.. from Outlook in CRM, you need to:

    1. Open the record in outlook
    2. Hit "Track In CRM" button in Outlook toolbar
      Track In CRM
      Figure: Tracking an outlook contact in CRM

    Only track activities as per rule Sales - Do you know when to track activities in CRM? to avoid CRM becoming a spam place of all activities.

    When tracking a contact in CRM, company field in outlook does not sync with CRM. You need to click on "Set Parent" and choose approritate company in CRM:

    Set Parent Company
    Figure: Set Parent Company for Outlook Contact

    Any contact without a company/account will automatacally go to account name "Outlook contacts - Please set parent company" in CRM.

    Outlook Contact without Parent Company
    Figure: Outlook Contact without Parent Company

  5. How to send outstanding invoice reminder

    1. Create a new email, fill in necessary fields and save it as a draft email. You will use this email as your template.
    2. CRM uses your subject line to save the record in correct category in TimePRO. It's important that your subject must start with one of the following:
      • Outstanding Account with SSW - First Reminder
      • Outstanding Account with SSW - Second Reminder
      • Outstanding Account with SSW - Third Reminder
      • Outstanding Account with SSW - Fourth Reminder
      • Outstanding Account with SSW - Legal
    3. Email template for first outstanding invoice reminder
      Figure: Example of outstanding invoice first reminder
    4. Go to draft folder in your outlook and make a copy of the email you just created. Each time you want to send an email, you will need to make a copy so that you don't loose the template.
      Copy of email template in draft folder
      Figure: Highlight the email you want to copy, hit CTRL + C then CTRL + V
    5. Go to TimePRO Online Oustanding Invoice page
    6. Click "Preview" button on the row of the client that you want to send the email to. This will open up the oustanding invoice details.
    7. Client outstanding invoice list
      Figure: Click on preview button to open up the details
      Client outstanding invoice details
      Figure: Client oustanding invoice details
    8. Open up your copy of draft email in your outlook.
    9. Copy the details such as the contact's email address, invoice details, etc. from TimePRO online to your outlook draft email.
    10. Sample outstanding invoice email with TimePRO details
      Figure: Sample outstanding invoice email with TimePRO details
    11. From Outlook email, hit "Track In CRM" button.
    12. Track Outstanding Invoice email in CRM
      Figure: Track Outstanding Invoice email in CRM
    13. From Outlook email, hit "Set Regarding" button and select "More".
    14. Set regarding for outstanding invoice email
      Figure: Set regarding for outstanding invoice email
    15. Search for the client account that you want to send invoice email to, then click "Ok".
    16. Select the client to set regarding
      Figure: Select the client to set regarding
    17. Send your outstanding invoice email from outlook.


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