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Product Managers

  1. Managing SSW Product Support

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  1. Managing SSW Product Support

    If you are the Product Manager or the Secondary Contact on any SSW software product, ensure that you follow this standard for managing support and enhancement requests from external users and/or your SSW manager.

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    Product Manager

    Secondary Contact/s

    Note: In order of importance
    Web Site Frank W (unknown)
    Shopping Pages Daniel H (unknown)
    Registration Pages James Z (unknown)
    Invoice Reminder Zune V (unknown)
    Exchange Reporter James Z Lei X
    Code Auditor Ryan T Mark L
    Health Auditor Ryan T Mark L
    SQL Auditor Frank W Wilson W, Lei X
    SQL Reporting Service Auditor Frank W Wilson W
    SQL Deploy Sergei T Marten A
    Link Auditor James Z Evan L, Wilson W
    eXtreme Emails! Eric P Justin K
    NetToolkit Frank W Lei X
    Diagnostics Wilson W Tim K
    Web Pager & SSW Alerts Eric P Tim K
    Time PRO! .NET Mark L Sergei T
    Smart Tags Eric P Tim K
    Email Merge PRO! (unknown) Tim K
    Access Reporter Daniel H Tim K
    Log Explorer Justin K Tim K
    VB6 and ASP
    LookOut! Mark L Tim K
    Team Calendar Ryan T Daniel H (Move into Exch Rept)
    SQL Total Compare Sergei T ST (Upgrade to SQL 2005)
    Time PRO! Sergei T Marten A
    Upsizing PRO! Sergei T (unknown)
    Performance PRO! Sergei T (unknown)
    Data Renovator Sergei T (unknown)
    Data PRO! Sergei T (unknown)
    Property and Event PRO! Sergei T (unknown)

    Support emails arrive in the info mailbox. The [email protected] mailbox administrator will reply to the email from the user with a request "Please action" (with the user CC'd) to you as the Product Manager.

    Developers need to know allocate high priority bugs over low priority ones. (look up " Triage Bugs " on google). This is how you triage the email at SSW:

    • LITTLE INCIDENTS  - If it is a quick issue (i.e. < 1/2 hour) then action immediately
      • examples are known issues (email using a KB link) or a quick BUG fix
      • reply using Incident PRO! (as an additional item in the current release)
    • IMPORTANT - If it is a bigger issue (i.e. > 1/2 hour) it is allocated into the Public Folder
      • examples are more complicated bugs
      • move to Public Folder using Incident PRO! usually to the current release eg. Release09
      • Note: Reply to the customer using Client Diary Category "Product - Support - Product Suggestion
    • STANDARD - enhancements and suggestions (ensure enhancements are approved)
      • examples are user interface improvements, changes to reports
      • move to Public Folder using Incident PRO! usually to the next release eg. Release10
    • FUTURE FEATURES - things we don't need at SSW and probably will never do
      • examples are adding security support to Data Renovator
      • move to Public Folder using Incident PRO! to a folder named zsFutureFeature

    If you are the primary developer and are overloaded (that is you are not able to action the Incident within 48 hours), you get help from the secondary developer (or contact your manager). eg. I am working on site for 3 weeks and have 10 customer emails that I cannot do.

    Note: a developer should not have any support emails from customers (in their inbox) that are older than 2 days.