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As per our standards:
Is a Back-end structural change going to be a hassle?

Do you have separate development, testing and production environment?

There are three environments for SSWData2000:

This means ALL developments (projects running from your PC) should connect to SSWData2000Dev, and ALL testing should be done on SSWData2000Test.

To keep track of changes, we have a centralized repository of change scripts on our SSWData2000.
For simplicity, place all your change scripts under:
$/ssw/sswtimepronet/database/database scripts/ (SourceSafe path)

And make sure its included in the database project:
$/ssw/sswtimepronet/database/database.dbp (SourceSafe path)

1. Checkout $/ssw/timepronet/database/database.sln
2. Add the change script under Database Scripts; Remember to prefix it with the next available number.

Figure: Add it under Database Scripts