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Just like in an Access database, it is important to setup Concurrency on SQL Server tables and add code to our web sites so that they handle Concurrency. Usually this would be done with a Timestamp field. But we have decided to use an integer field called Concurrency that would be incremented whenever a record is updated.

Steps for Setting up Concurrency for the Web Site
1. Add the Concurrency field to the Table
2. Update the Select Stored Procedure
  1. Add the Concurrency field to the Table

  2. First we need to add the 'Concurrency' field to the table we want to update. More often than not, this table will be replicated and so we will need to use the replication wizard to add the new field to the table. To do this:

    1. Select a publication and right-click on it and select 'Properties'.
    2. Select the 'Filter Columns' Tab, select the table to modify and click the 'Add Column to Table...' button.
      Publication properties
    3. Specify the field name as 'Concurrency'. You will need to set a default of 0 and the Data Type to integer. You can delete the rest of the script. Click OK to add the field.
      Add column
  3. Update the Select Stored Procedure

  4. Next we need to update the Select Stored Procedure to retrieve the 'Concurrency' field we created. E.g. the procedure would change to (See bold):

    Create Stored Procedure [dbo].[ClientContactSelect]

    @ContactID int


    ClientContact.Surname ,


    ClientContact.ContactID = @ContactID