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Overview - Accounts Skills Assessement Test

Do you have 2 hours now? Any candidate for the Accounts position is to undertake an Accounts Skills Assessment Test before coming in for an interview. This is to ensure that you are competent in general administrative and management skills, can communicate with clients effectively and are able to manage yourself and others if required.

Task 1 - Legal Correspondence

Write a letter to a solicitor Mr David le Page regarding signage. This is the information you need:

  • We erected an external illuminated sign
  • Jackson Wells complained
  • Nobody else has complained
  • But Jackson have and have 20% voting power
  • Current By-law says we cant have an external illuminated sign
  • Can you draft us a motion to change the by-law so we can have our sign
  • We believe that Jackson Wells Morris will also be submitting a motion that seeks to prohibit all signage on the building above street level.
  • We are happy to make alterations to the illuminated sign that was initially erected, so that the majority of owners consider the sign appropriate.

Task 2 - Budget

  • We need an SSW Budget that predicts our annual income depending on our two income sources. The first source is consulting work, and the second source is product sales.
  • Create a spreadsheet called "July 2003 - June 2004" which will have months on the x axis and developers names on the y axis
  • Details about the number of developers, rates and billable days can be found on the spreadsheet (8 Hour days)
  • Remove 4 weeks Annual Leave and 2 Weeks Annual Retreat
  • Include $4000 product sales per month
  • Whenever there is a calculated field, it should be in grey

What time is it now? You have two hours to complete this test. If we haven't received the test in two hours we won't look at it. My email address is AdamCogan SSW Please also attach your:

  • CV
  • Send your salary package expectations (state inc Super next to the figure please)
If you want feedback on how you go then call me up and speak to me directly. Any futher questions? Thanks for your time, I'll speak to you soon.