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All employment tests can be found in SharePoint: http://intranet.ssw.com.au/employment/SitePages/Home.aspx

Successful Candidates - To do by HR/Employment Manager!

Once a candidate passed our tests and have been offered employment at SSW. The employment manager (Bao) is required to send an appointment as per below:
From:           Bao Nguyen
To:               Name of Candidate, Giles Lindsay, Ulysses Maclaren, New
Subject:       New Staff Member Starting - Name of Candidate - Position of Candidate !
Location:     Sydney
When:         Date new candidate starting.
Time:           9 - 10 am

Hi All,
Standard processes to introduce a new staff member as follows:
  1. New staff member, name of staff, please read Rules to Successful Projects as Adam Cogan will talk to you about this page on Day 1.
    Send Adam Cogan an email with the subject "Standards and the Value of Consistency" with your thoughts of that page (and why).
  2. Employment Manager ( Bao ) to introduce the new candidate to all staff members on the candidate's first day at SSW.
  3. Network Manager (Giles) to ensure that the candidate receives a decent laptop for a developer personnel and a decent laptop/PC for an admin personnel on the first day.
    1. Vista image needs to be installed for Administration role.
    2. Image and Photoshop needs to be installed for the Designer role.
    3. Developer will need to install the Vista Image as part of the Induction process.
  4. Accountant (New) to ensure that the new candidate has all HR/ Employment requirements completed, ie, employment contract, Super & Tax declaration form, diary, physical inbox etc.
  5. Induction Manager ( Ulysses ) to ensure that induction days 1,2,3 and 4 or "work experience" induction are completed in the first week.
  6. Induction Manager ( Ulysses ) to arrange physical seating arrangements for the new candidate.


When looking for candidates some of the options to advertise the position is through: