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SSW Registration Web Service

Prepared By Daniel Hyles
Subject SSW Registration Project Plan
Date 15/11/2002


Version Date Updated Changes
1.0 15/11/2002 RM First Release
1.1 19/11/2002 RM Project Plan - High Level
1.2 21/11/2002 RM Project Plan - Added time estimates
1.3 4/12/2002 RM Project Plan - Added new features and adjusted some time estimates
2.86 09/01/2003 DH Project Plan - Fix bugs. Implement webservice for existing users

Project Plan

Task Time Estimate (hrs)   Status
Release 1 - Collecting Client Data
Create Screen Mockups 32 a
Add Data Collection code for new/all fields 1 a

Create HTML/XML form that includes all registration input to attach to emails

16 a

Add Validation to form fields

4 a

Add Pc Id generator code using old VB code from old version.


Convert old VB Unlocking function to VB.NET to register product
NOTE : - this would involve altering the registration process to accept uses and time trial periods.

20 a

Encrypt xml file in the products working folder.

8 a

Add Live Update to Privacy policy

1 a

Testing + Bug Fixes

6 a
Release 2 - Product Unlocking Application  

Create winform application to manually create unlock keys for clients

8 a

Convert old VB Unlocking function to VB.NET  (code re-use)

4 a

Everytime they get their product unlocked please add a record into ClientDiary
Include the productID and details in the notes field
- if xml file attached to email, ssw user saves file then the unlocker will parse the file and add record to SSWData2000
- if faxed then manual entry needs to be done

Release 3 - Web Service for auto registering  

Create web service to check for existing clients, populate registration form, or if new client, write to client table (SSWData2000) on Hippo


Re-activate pay by web method


Add a ClientDiaryCategory record
CategoryID "DOWNREG"
CategoryName "Download Registered"

Release 4 - Enhance Security  

In release 1 a encryoted XML file was used to store all registration values. This release should look at implementing other factors such as hidden ini files and registry entries.

Release 5 - E-Commerce transaction  

E-Commerce Setup with ANZ


E-Commerce Setup ASPX pages


Create email parser to scan a particular inbox for new registrations and then process it automatically by adding it to clients table and processing credit card details through E-Commerce


preventative code to monitor how many times a particular user has registered a product (in case a heacked key generator gets released on the web).  it will be capable of  rejecting registrations for a particylar user via the web service registrations

Total Time Estimate 164 hours 20.5 days