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  1. Purchase Delicious

    Given that there's still uncertainty around the future of Delicious and that Yahoo may want to off-load it -
    - I think this would be an excellent acquisition for the Bing team.

      Besides the fact that delicious is awesome, and would be a wonderful addition to Live, there's big value for the Bing team:
    • As it would mean Microsoft incorporate LiveID into this new asset
    • As it would give a compelling reason to have the live toolbar installed
    • As it would give Live users a bookmark solution - that would be better than google bookmarks
    • As Bing search could be improved by incorporating Delicious bookmarks as a social ranking factor in the Bing ranking algorithm.

    FYI Bing has been actively increasing its social signals lately (aka SocialRank via Facebook & Twitter) and adding Delicious would be another step up and way to differentiate from

    Add logo
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Adam Cogan