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  1. Suggestions for Tools | Options | Acceleration

    1. I don't like the negative/backwards 'Disable' label - it is hard to read
    2. Too much text on the messagebox
    3. I don't know what is recommended - please make that clear. Either add text "(recommended)" or add a button "Reset to Defaults"
    Camtasia horrible message
    Figure: Camtasia horrible message
  2. Don't open Camtasia Studio when I am on recording

    Now I am only using Recorder – I don't expect Studio to be involved – but at the end it opens up!


    1. When it finishes it should not open up the studio
    2. When I don’t make *any* changes - it should not ask me to save
    Camtasia save screen
    Figure: Camtasia 'Save' screen
  3. Help me avoid a question I don't know the answer to

    Please give me a cancel button - I don't feel qualified to answer this question... and I am forced to

    Camtasia Video Size Screen
    Figure: Please give me a cancel button
  4. Don't automatically open Camtasia Studio

    Checkbox dialog to automatic opening
    Figure: Add a checkbox on this dialog "Don't automatically open Camtasia Studio"