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1. Improve Performance
2. Make XHTML-compliant
  1. Improve Performance

  2. DotNetNuke has a lot of Admin pages which is slow because they are doing constant postback. DotNetNuke team would improve the performance by using client callback such as Ajax. e.g. Langages admin page

    For example, if the page is not doing a postback when you click the item in the node in Language Admin.

    DNN Postback
    Figure: DotNetNuke Postback.

  3. Make XHTML-compliant

  4. DotNetNuke uses upper cases for all html elements. DotNetNuke web pages uses span tag where div tag is supposted to be used.

    DotNetNuke would make all default documents to be XHTML-compliant.

    Make XHTML-compliant
    Figure: Make XHTML-compliant