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  1. Help me have a better way of checking DotNetNuke version

    It would be nice if I can see version number in:

    Unfortunately this is how you can check your DotNetNuke version Rule to always update your DotNetNuke on "Rules To Better DotNetNuke"

  2. Help me know the password requirements

    Out of the box, DotNetNuke does not tell users what are the password requirements.

    Password requirements error when updating password
    Figure: Password requirements should be displayed in the help text

    Even administrator cannot easily tell what the password requirements are. In order to tell what they are, you have to search web.config for ASP.NET membership provider settings.

    Passsword requirement settings in web.config
    Figure: There should be an easier to check password requirements instead of searching in web.config


Adam Cogan
Zune Vien