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Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

  1. Allow you to edit a groups name

    When I was Administrator of a group, it is better allow me to edit the group name:

    Facebook group page
    Figure: The group name could not be edited.
  2. Make Finding Friends By City Possible

    It is not possible to find my friends that live in 'Melbourne' and work for 'Microsoft'

      Give me extra find options:
    1. 'Recently Added Friends'
    2. 'By City'
    3. 'By Company'
    Find friends
    Figure: Improve finding your 'real' friends
  3. Help me be able to paste an image

    For example on this Discussion Board I want to be able to paste and image to show the problem.

    See Facebook Discussion Board.

    Facebook Discussion Board
    Figure: Add 'Paste Image' icon
  4. Official Facebook suggestions (that they don't respond to) http://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=suggestions


Adam Cogan