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  1. Add introductory paragraphs

    Add introductory paragraphs telling users what the goal of each report is.
    E.g. I have no idea what the "Bounce Rate for all visitors" report means... or what is a average range is.
    Note: In respect of this "Bounce Rate for all visitors" report I have googled it and it means

  2. Provide Top X dimensions in Custom Reports

    When adding a second dimension attribute to custom reports we'd like to be able to limit the list to the Top X results for that attribute.
    For example if listing by Page Title as the first dimension we'd like to add a second dimension of Top 5 keywords.
    This would allow a single report to list out all pages along with their top 5 referring keywords.

    For example, in the screenshot below, when selecting Keyword, we'd like to be able to limit this to just the top 5 keywords.

    There should be a filter box which allows you pick top 5.
    Figure: When you click an attribute like 'Keyword' (or any of the other ones), it should pop a filter box that allows you to pick the 'Top 5'


Adam Cogan