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  1. Improve Highlight Button

    Users of the Google Toolbar may be familiar with the Highlight option, which highlights all occurrences of the current search-word(s) in the current page. This handy feature could be made more useful if it could highlight partial matches.

    For example, if the search string "link button" was entered, in addition to highlighting every occurance of both 'link' and 'button', Google would highlight occurances such as 'links' or 'buttons'.

    Figure: Google highlight option.
  2. Watch a Thread

    Google Groups is a service that allows you to browse, create and reply to newsgroup postings.

    This service would be greatly enhanced if it allowed the user to specify one or more threads to be 'watched'. Whenever a thread changes, a message can be sent to an email address provided by the user, which can detail not only the thread that has changed, but where the changes have taken place (perhaps using highlighting).

    Figure: Browsing Google Groups
  3. Send error report about broken links

    Wouldnt it be a great world if there were NO BAD links in the world? Well I have a web site with a lot of links to other sites Google has this list in their database. Google also have a database of all pages in the world. So Google could help with the worlds broken links, by offering a service where they send a weekly email (the web master) of links on your site that have gone bad.

  4. Wildcard search

    Google please support normal wildcards like:

    Figure: Normal Google search
    Figure: Google doesn't support wildcard search

    Not this strange style:

    Figure: Google supports synonym search using the symbol
  5. Fix the Google API

    As it stands, the results from the Google API do not closely match the results that an end user would experience. The Google API should be using the same data source as what a normal user would see. Alternatively, the API should be able to specify which server it uses to return search results.

    For example - the Google API code below only hits the SSW web site after searching through 10 results (including several from Microsoft that aren't in the web search) for the keyword "Exchange Reporter". In a web search the SSW web site comes first. The two should be consistent. If the API is not accurate, then it is effectively useless for gathering ranking statistics.

    			private DataSets.ResultHistoryDataset GetRanking(string searchValue)
    			// Create a Google Search object
    			GoogleSearchWebService.GoogleSearchService s = new GoogleSearchWebService.GoogleSearchService();
    			string key = "XXXXXXXX";
    			int maxResults = 10;
    			int rank = 0;
    			int positiveHitCount = 0;
    			int currentIndex = 0;
    			int page = 0;
    			// Invoke the search method
    			//Google.GoogleSearchResult r = s.doGoogleSearch(key , searchValue + " inurl:www.ssw.com.au", 
    			for( page = 0; page  < 3; page +=1)
    				GoogleSearchWebService.GoogleSearchResult r = s.doGoogleSearch(key , searchValue ,
    					(page * maxResults) + 1  , maxResults,  true , "", false, "","","");
    				// Extract the estimated number of results for the search and display it
    				foreach  (GoogleSearchWebService.ResultElement resultElement in r.resultElements)
    					currentIndex ++;
    					if (resultElement.URL.StartsWith("http://www.ssw.com.au"))
    						positiveHitCount ++;
    						if (rank == 0)
    							rank = currentIndex;
    				//int estResults = r.estimatedTotalResultsCount;
    				//this.label1.Text  = Convert.ToString(estResults);
    			this.resultHistoryDataset1.ResultHistory.AddResultHistoryRow (searchValue, rank,positiveHitCount, maxResults, page , DateTime.Now.Date) ;
    			return this.resultHistoryDataset1;
    Figure: Sample API code - this returns different results from a user performing a web search
  6. Get rid of the PageRank Bar and Fix the Duplicate Content Filter

    Google is too easily manipulated. All you need to do these days is to create a site and get as many inbound keyword text links as you can to get a high page rank with the Google bar.

    Take our site for an example, our website stays on topic as much as possible and only links to websites that are relevant and decent. On the other hand, my competition employs spam tactics "DELUXE", making it very easy to get links when you don't care where they come from.

    The result is that I slip a little further every month while my spam competition maintains top positions.

    Also many top position holders in my industry have multiple duplicated link pages.

    Current Solution: I must link to spam to survive, risking my future when Google picks this up.

    My preferred solution: Google get rid of that dam green bar and sort out your duplicate content filter!

  7. Users should not have to deal with plurals (and especially apostrophes eg. xx vs xx's" vs xxs)

    I entered "Greg Low DMV", This what came back:

    Where is the web cast?

    Google result for " Greg Low DMV site:microsoft.com " = 0 hits. (BAD -- find the plural)
    Google result for " Greg Low DMVS site:Microsoft.com "= the Webcast (SHOULD NOT NEED TO DO THIS)
    Google result for " Greg Low DMV's site:Microsoft.com " = 0 hits. (GOOD) (if you put an apostrophes it should respect you are being exact)

    if you search DMV -- it should find DMVs and DMV's

  8. Subscribing to the Google Groups

    Fox example, "microsoft.public.sqlserver.server" group.

    Can you change the subject from
         Subject: 41 new messages in 13 topics - abridged
         Subject: microsoft.public.sqlserver.server
    With proper subject , threading inside Outlook can work. Currently with changing subjects every day breaks threading.
    Rules to better email for more info.

  9. Gmail - To support "Propose new time"

    Suggest gmail to support "propose new time" requests which currently is not working.

    Propose new time
    Figure: Gmail need to be add support "Propose new time"
  10. Gmail - Support pasting an image from a clipboard

    Suggest gmail to support pasting an image from a clipboard, like the same suggestion for TFS .

  11. Help me find one of my bookmarks by typing a keyword

    We need a filter text box to locate the bookmark
    Figure: Add a "Filter" text box on this menu